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Marking the beginning of #Breakout2024, Project Ignition significantly boosted Radix’s TVL by 76% within just two weeks of its launch. With TVL metrics now stable, the focus has shifted to the next phase; expanding the Radix user base and increasing on-chain activity.

Token Trek, the latest addition to the #Breakout2024 program, is set to drive this user growth. Built by dmany, Token Trek is a Web3 community engagement platform designed to further engage and expand the Radix community and ecosystem activity.

Radix Ecosystem projects like CaviarNine, Trove, Ociswap, DefiPlaza, and XRD Domains have already seen steady growth in TVL, trade volume, and users. However, Token Trek is designed to elevate this growth to the next level.

By participating in incentivized DeFi and community engagement quests, users can immerse themselves in Radix, explore over 15 innovative dApps, experience the user-friendly Radix Wallet, and earn XP in exchange for a share of over $120,000 in XRD and other token treasures.

What is Token Trek? 

Token Trek is an engagement platform powered by the social infrastructure startup dmany; its main goal is to onboard more users into the Radix Ecosystem while increasing on-chain metrics through incentivized DeFi and community engagement quests. 

$120,000 of XRD incentives will be available for those exploring the Radix Ecosystem, trying dApps, using the wallet, and collecting XP. Token Trek could be the catalyst for thousands of new users to experience the power of the Transaction Manifest, feel the difference when signing transactions on Radix vs. MetaMask, and try, firsthand, safe, powerful, and intuitive Web3 dApps.  

Token Trek is here to help new users discover Radix projects, from DEXs to NFTs, Lending and borrowing, meme coins, and social dApps. The impressive ecosystem built by the Radix community will demonstrate what DeFi can be when built with the right tools. 

How does Token Trek Work?

Radix Web3 Quests 

Token Trek is integrated with the Radix Network, incentivizing users to explore the Radix Ecosystem and perform on-ledger actions. You will be rewarded for sending and holding tokens, buying NFTs, adding liquidity, and much more. 

  1. When you land on Token Trek, you will first complete the Radix quests, giving you an immediate XRD bonus and enough XRD to pay network fees.   
  2. Now that you have some XRD in your account, you can continue the adventure and explore the ecosystem deeper, collecting XP by completing ecosystem quests and climbing the leaderboard.
  3. The leaderboard has a series of XP milestones, triggering an additional XRD bonus. The more milestones you reach, the more XRD you get! Your gor
  4. Ecosystem projects using Token Trek may also offer their tokens as rewards, allowing you to fill your Radix Wallet with goodies from the ecosystem!

Web2 Quests 

Social and community growth are essential elements in creating a successful crypto project, but starting from scratch often requires a lot of work. 

dmany has built Token Trek to allow Radix projects to grow their community quickly and reward users who spread the word about a new product or feature, create a meme or thread, or take any other action the project chooses! 

Next Steps

Visit Token Trek.io, earn XRD, and bring your friends along for their own Radix Revelation. Remember the moment you first discovered the potential of Radix? It’s time to pass that spark on.

With 20 unique quests and more on the horizon, rally your friends and expand the Radix community. Together, let’s pioneer the next chapter in Web3 innovation. 

Token Trek FAQ

Q) What are quests?
A) Quests enable Radix participants to earn XP rewards, which can be exchanged for XRD upon reaching XP milestones. Each quest has different qualifying actions and reward criteria. You can view this milestones on the ‘Radix Milestones Rewards‘ tab on Token Trek. As soon as you have enough XP, you can claim the reward!

Q) How many quests are there?
A) Token Trek is a long-term program, with new quests being added regularly.

Q) What are the rewards?
A) Participants can compete for various rewards, including XRD, ecosystem project tokens, unique domains, and NFTs.

Q) What do I do first?
A1) Sign Up and Verify Account: Create and verify your account.

A2) Connect Your Radix Wallet: Click “Get/Connect your Radix wallet” and “Assign Account” to link your Radix account.

A3) Approve the Token Trek request in your wallet. Note that you cannot change the linked account once connected.

A4) Perform Quests: Start with the RadixDLT quests to earn instant XRD rewards, which are needed for the Radix Ecosystem quests. Then, explore the rest of the ecosystem and collect XP.

Q) How do I get XRD to pay network fees?
A) You can get an instant XRD reward to pay Network fees by completing the quests for the ‘Radix DLT’. Once you have some XRD in your account you can do the rest of the ecosystem quests and collect XP. Once enough XP is collected, you can claim Radix Milestones rewards. The first XP milestone is 150 XP.

Q) What are Milestone rewards?
A) Your goal is to collect XP to reach each Milestone reward. The first Radix quest under ‘Radix DLT’ offers an instant XRD reward, the following quests will reward you with XP, and possible ecosystem project tokens. Each project quest provides XP points needed to reach milestones in the ‘Radix Milestones Rewards’ quest. Aim to collect as much XP as possible to claim milestone rewards and climb the leaderboard.

Q) How do I connect my wallet?
A) Connect your wallet by clicking the ‘Get/Connect Wallet’ icon on the Token Trek page and following the guidelines. This will take you to the dashboard where you will click “Assign Account.” Open your Radix Wallet and approve the Token Trek connection request. Once you connect an account, you will not be able to change it. To change account, you will need to create a new Token Trek account.

Q) I did a quest, and it validated, but my XP didn’t increase.
A) Ensure you click “Send Submission” after validating a quest. For complex quests requiring a screenshot or link, the Dmany team will manually check and confirm the submission. If the visual presented is inaccurate, the team will request resubmission under the ‘Changes requested by reviewers’ in the My Quests tab.

Q) Can I use Token Trek on Mobile?
A) Token Trek is designed for desktop browsers only. You need to connect your Radix mobile wallet to the Radix Connector extension in Chrome.

Q) Why do I need to link to the Radix Connector browser extension?
A) The Radix Connector extension is required to connect your Radix Wallet to dApp websites. It also allows the use of Ledger hardware wallet devices with your Radix Wallet.

Q) Where do I see my XP points?
A) XP points and rewards are displayed at the top of the main page. You can also view your rank and points on the “Leaderboard.”

Q) How do I see my rewards?
A) View your rewards (assets and collectibles) in your connected wallet, which automatically collects them. Refresh your wallet by swiping down. You can also click “My Rewards” on the Token Trek dashboard to see distributed rewards.

Q) What is the difference between XP and Radix shards?
A) Radix Shards determine leaderboard ranking and are calculated by multiplying the quantity of effort (XP) with the average quality of quests (measured in STARS from 1.0 to 5.0). Quality quests are marked with a STAR on the top right of the quest’s image.

Q) I just got extra XP; why did my rank not change on the leaderboard?
A) The leaderboard updates every 3 hours. Please check again later.

Q) How do I know how much XRD or other Tokens I have earned?
A) Check your rewards in the “My Rewards” tab under “Rewarded Submissions” or in your connected Radix wallet.

Q) Why are there new NFTs and tokens in my wallet?
A) You may receive collectibles and assets in your connected wallet as you engage with the dApps during quests. Be cautious of assets or collectibles in your wallet that ask you to link to unknown sites.

Q) I’m a project founder; how do I participate in Token Trek?
A) Register your project using this form and the Dmany team will be in touch!

Q) What is the benefit of being among the top members of the leaderboard?
A) Top members gain opportunities for extra rewards, invitations to special quests with higher rewards, the chance to become a quest validator, community recognition, and highlights by ecosystem projects on social media.


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