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What is Radix?

Radix is a new decentralized platform holding the world record in transaction speed: 1.4 million transactions per second on a world wide network, without the use of centralized masternodes. Confirmations in 1-2 seconds.

As Forbes put it: ’Radix is plotting the death of blockchain’. Radix is infinitely scalable and the only platform to solve the 4 fundamental challenges of decentralized ledgers (fast, secure, decentralized, full communication between apps).

What is Radix?
Radix’s Background and History
Forbes radix article
What is Radix?
Radix’s Groundbreaking Innovation
What is Radix?
Radix: The Future of Decentralized Finance

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Ethereum 2.0, Polkadot, Avalanche, Near, Cosmos break DeFi!
Radix is the first Layer 1 protocol specifically built for DeFi.

Radix Mainnet is coming. Invest in Radix Now.

Competitive Benchmark

The 1st generation of DeFi is built on Ethereum, a 2015 blockchain technology that is bottlenecked to 15 transactions per second, requiring 3 minutes until transactions are confirmed. This has led people to question the viability of Ethereum as the future of DeFi. Due to their flawed design, neither Ethereum nor any of the newer platforms are fit to be the future home of DeFi.

Radix is the only future-proof decentralized platform that is going to be able to service the ever-growing DeFi ecosystem. Radix scales globally, is mathematically proven, real-world demonstrated, regulated in Europe and poised to revolutionize the decentralized platform sector. Welcome to the future.

Radix benchmark

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What makes Radix special


With its direct developer royalties, Radix incentivizes developers to produce high quality audited code. While in Ethereum, developers continually duplicate code, introducing security risks and requiring re-auditing; Radix enables a new on-ledger programming paradigm that benefits both the developers and the users.

The Radix Engine (RE), the Radix equivalent to the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), provides a radical paradigm shift in dApp development. The RE enables developers to focus more of their time at what they do best — building.

“Building in [Ethereum] #DeFi sucks … honestly it sucks. It’s expensive …”

Andre Cronje

Build on Radix and Earn Direct Royalties.

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Most Things Have Limits — Radix Doesn’t.

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