Support The Radix Community Council Validator Node

By staking XRD with the Community Council Validator node, holders can both help to secure the network and raise funds for Radix ecosystem expansion.

Why Stake With Our Node?

The Radix Community Council runs a dedicated node, with all staking income used to fund marketing and promotion. Key activities and priorities include:

  • Exchange listings
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Events
  • Supporting grassroots community initiatives

All Radix holders who are committed to helping maintain and grow the ecosystem are encouraged to support this initiative by staking some or all of their tokens with the Community Council node.

Node tech and safeguards

The Council runs a main node and a backup node to ensure constant availability. Both nodes have the same technical specifications:

The main node is hosted in Vilnius, Lithuania, with the backup in Helsinki, Finland. Both nodes are monitored 24/7, with node runners being notified instantly in the event that any issues with the main node are detected. The backup node is only brought online if the main node fails.