Integrates with Radix Integrates with Radix, Enabling Companies to Add XRD to Their Balance Sheets

February 28, 2023

The leading crypto finance data platform,, has integrated the XRD token into its core offering.

This is a significant step for companies that want to confidently participate in Web3, giving them the opportunity to put XRD alongside other blue chip crypto assets such as BTC and Ethereum in managing their crypto portfolios. is backed by high-profile investors, including Circle, Alchemy, Moonpay, and Blockdaemon, having raised over $8mm to date.

With Tres, companies can understand their entire financial estate, analyze their treasury performance and risk exposure, stay compliant with regulations, reconcile financial activity, close their books for audit, create reports for partners and investors and address internal needs.
Tres automates these processes, providing one source of truth to manage all financial aspects of Web3 assets.

Recognizing the immense potential of Radix, particularly with the pending Babylon network update in Q2, Tres CEO, Tal Zackon remarked, “we are seeing the tremendous growth of the Radix ecosystem and expect Radix to be one of the most dominant players in DeFi and Web3 for years to come. More and more of our customers are feeling the same way, which is why we made making Radix part of our core offering a high priority at this time.