Scrypto Tips by Andrija

I have a degree in web development and for the last nine years, I've been working on various projects around the globe, from green energy in California, and car sharing app in the Middle East, to an AI startup in Serbia.

For the most part, I'm a backend developer but I also did a fair share of frontend stuff. My experience mostly comes from PHP and JS but there isn't a technology that is used on the Web that I didn't at least dabbled with.

My first contact with blockchain was in 2018, and since then I have been a part of a couple of crypto startups. Later on, some other things came into the picture but I've seen the potential of the technology and decided that I have to become a part of it. I dedicated last year to improving my knowledge of the subject and when I met my current partners from SRWA, that was a match made in heaven. SRWA has a vision to make DeFi experience available to everyone. In order to make it possible, there is a huge workload, and solving big challenges as a reward is what makes me excited about it.

When I met them, they were in the process of choosing a technology for the project and one of the strongest candidates was Radix. What got my attention was the Radix philosophy of putting the developers and user experience first.

They say that Rust is a bit difficult to learn and the truth is that some specific things are done differently than in other languages, so that will maybe make some people hesitate before they start, but my experience with Scrypto was nothing less of great. 

With a basic knowledge of Rust, I went from "Hm, let's see what this is all about" to "Whoa, I'm making the transactions and it's working" in a few weeks to making a fully working demo dApp in a few months. And while I was working and revisiting the old code, I was getting into Rust and doing things the Rust way more and more.

Also, although Radix is (still) not as popular as it should be, the community is very much alive and helpful. You can find great examples on the Radix GitHub repository and Telegram and Discord channels are full of people who are ready to give advice, help in problem-solving, or give feedback for ideas. One of the goals of this post was to give tips for anyone who is thinking or is hesitant to start building on Radix and my ultimate advice is, don't hesitate, just dive right in and the Radix community and Scrypto will take care of the rest. 

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