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With the launch of the Babylon Mainnet Upgrade on September 28th, a significant milestone was achieved for the Radix ecosystem. The upgrade introduced smart contract functionality to the Radix mainnet, opening up endless exciting possibilities for developers and the entire community. This development has paved the way for new opportunities and incentives within Scrypto’s Developer Program.

Scrypto started its journey with the Alexandria launch, offering a platform for developers to explore and create innovative solutions. The Developer Program, initiated during this phase, aimed to motivate developers to submit their blueprints (link to what blueprints are) by offering a reward of $75 in XRD for successful blueprint acceptance.

As Scrypto continues to grow, so does the enthusiasm and feedback from the developer community. Now that Babylon is live, learning Scrypto is a skill you’ll want to have, not only for contributing to the success of the Radix ecosystem but also to expand your horizons as a Web3 developer. As a result, Radix has plans to re-ignite the Developer Program, offering significant incentives and opportunities to fuel your journey.

Important note: incentives are not grants. The incentives are there to reward developers who are using Scrypto and support the community with great code examples. RDX Works officially launched its first grants program in 2023. Register to the Developer Program to receive all updates about upcoming Radix Grants programs.

Win $75 in XRD: complete the Scrypto 101 course

Starting October 2023, the Scrypto 101 $75 reward is closed. Developers finishing the course are now invited to submit their blueprints for the $200 reward, see below.

Learn Scrypto with Scrypto 101

Win $200 in XRD: Submit an Outstanding Asset-Oriented DeFi Blueprint

With this enhanced reward, we aim to inspire you to delve deeper into creating asset-oriented DeFi blueprints with Scrypto.

To qualify for this reward:

Note: You can claim multiple rewards for multiple blueprints.

How to Submit Your DeFi Blueprint:

Submit a DeFi Scrypto Blueprint 

Note: Submissions are reviewed on a rolling basis. Depending on the volume of submissions received, it may take up to 10 working days to receive feedback and an additional 15 working days to receive your payment. Your contributions are greatly appreciated!

Here are some ideas that you might want to build:

Win up to $1500 in XRD: impress the CTO 

Russell Harvey, CTO at RDX Works (the technology company behind the Radix Network) will select Blueprints which he finds are extremely elegant and useful examples. Those blueprints will be merged in the official Scrypto example repository

There is no process to submit a blueprint in this category. The RDX Works team will reach out directly to potential winners for this reward.

$1500 rewards have been attributed to: