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Babylon is here! And the frontier of DeFi is expanding like never before. In this series, you’ll explore the pioneering projects that form the backbone of the Runs On Radix program, each contributing distinct and game-changing solutions to the wider Web3 ecosystem.

Radix Publishing is thrilled to present deep dives into the various Radix projects, granting the Radix community an exclusive window into their developmental journeys, roadmaps, and technology.

Up next in the spotlight is Ociswap: they aim to redefine the trading experience by offering unparalleled liquidity options, user-centric features, and sustainable incentivizing mechanisms.


What is Ociswap? Elevating the DeFi Experience

Ociswap is more than just another DEX; it’s a comprehensive gateway into Web3 and DeFi. Built on the Radix network, Ociswap strives to be the ‘NEW Front Page of Radix,’ offering an all-in-one platform that revolutionizes how users navigate, research, and trade within the Radix ecosystem.

A User-Centric Platform

Ociswap prioritizes user experience above all else. The platform features a mobile-first, intuitive interface that simplifies trading to its core. Users can effortlessly search for, filter, and trade any liquid asset available on the Radix network, supported by comprehensive token information pages equipped with analytical tools. This ensures that your trading decisions are always data-driven.

Beyond just a trading platform, Ociswap provides 24/7 assistance through Ocibot, an automated chatbot designed to resolve any queries you may have about the platform or the broader Radix ecosystem.

Democratizing Advanced Features for All

Ociswap is tailored to accommodate casual users with basic and imbalanced pools and professional liquidity providers (LPs). Its innovative approach to concentrated liquidity allows for advanced liquidity-providing and rebalancing strategies. Whether you’re an experienced trader looking to optimize your liquidity or a casual user searching for straightforward strategies, Ociswap makes concentrated liquidity accessible to all.

Groundbreaking Features

Concentrated Liquidity

Ociswap’s core feature of concentrated liquidity allows LPs to place their capital within a specified price range; this provides greater capital efficiency and deeper liquidity pools. This facilitates larger trades, significantly reduces slippage, and tightens spreads.


Acknowledging the unsustainability of classical liquidity mining methods, Ociswap introduces SPLASH 2.0—a pioneering liquidity incentive program. It aligns the interests of yield farmers and LPs, encouraging sustainable liquidity provision rather than short-term profit-seeking.

Dynamic Fees and Future Enhancements

Adding another layer of flexibility, Ociswap offers dynamic fee settings for LPs, effectively mitigating the impact of impermanent loss. The platform is also set to introduce limit orders in its post-Babylon update.

Hooks and Custom Logic

Ociswap will offer ‘hooks,’ enabling a free market of ideas through plug-and-play blueprints. These hooks will allow users to enhance their Ociswap pools with custom logic, pushing the envelope for what a DEX can offer.


Ociswap incorporates an auto-compounding mechanism that automatically reinvests your liquidity earnings to maximize earnings. Traditional challenges of reconciling active management and auto-compounding are resolved by bots that ensure optimal yield.

Speed and Innovation

Compared to platforms on networks like Ethereum, Ociswap can innovate much quicker, thanks to the underlying technology of the Radix Engine. This allows the platform to rapidly turn groundbreaking ideas into functional features, setting Ociswap apart as a leader in the DeFi space.

The Radix Advantage: A Bedrock for Future-Proof Innovation

Choosing the Radix network as the backbone for Ociswap is more than just a tactical decision; it’s a strategic alignment with long-term goals for scalability, security, and efficient development. Here’s how the Radix network provides Ociswap with advantages that are leaps and bounds ahead of what most other networks, including Ethereum, can offer.

Scalability Meets Reliability

Ociswap aims for long-term growth and success, and the Radix network provides the scalable and reliable foundation required to achieve this. While many L1 networks grapple with issues like scalability, congestion, and escalating fees, Radix effectively navigates these bottlenecks. This ensures that as Ociswap expands, it does so on a network designed to handle increasing user demand without compromising performance.

Developer Efficiency with Scrypto

Radix’s full-stack offering, highlighted by its specialized programming language Scrypto, enriches developer experience. This is great for Ociswap, enabling faster development cycles and a more efficient route to market. The ease of development on Radix allows Ociswap’s team to focus on implementing innovative features rather than getting bogged down with the typical complexities of DeFi development.

Robust Security Framework

In the volatile landscape of DeFi, security cannot be an afterthought. Radix offers a substantial layer of protection against the vulnerabilities often plaguing Web3 projects. Its asset-oriented architecture and rigorous security measures mean that Ociswap can allocate more resources to innovation rather than mitigating security risks. This approach minimizes the chances of unforeseen bugs and vulnerabilities, offering a safer experience for both developers and users.

Economic Viability

By lowering code complexity and enhancing security, Radix allows Ociswap to significantly cut down on the costs related to development time and security audits. This cost-effectiveness is passed on to the users, making Ociswap technologically superior and economically viable.

The Road Ahead

Ociswap’s comprehensive roadmap includes a myriad of features designed to enhance user experience, such as auto-rebalancing, advanced portfolio management tools, and social accounts for following or copy-trading successful traders. In addition to these offerings, the platform focuses on fine-tuning imbalanced and concentrated liquidity. The immediate tech roadmap aims at optimizing these existing features and running them through their initial cycles.

The platform also has a strategic emphasis on community-driven development, as it plans to introduce hooks and is open to community feedback for future feature enhancements. This commitment to user focus and community interaction is integrated into their roadmap, aiming to provide a more responsive and feature-rich experience for users.

These multi-faceted strategies aim to create a seamless, interconnected, and user-centric DeFi landscape, solidifying Ociswap’s position as a front-runner in the evolving world of DeFi.

The Inception of Ociswap: A Confluence of Vision and Expertise

The story of Ociswap began in the digital corridors of the Radix German chat, a space initiated by Marco, one of the project’s co-founders. This common platform served as a crucible where the quartet of Florian, Lukas, Marco, and Christoph discovered a shared passion for Radix’s potential to revolutionize the DeFi and Web3 landscape. Recognizing the limitations plaguing the broader crypto industry—from scalability issues to smart contract vulnerabilities—they united to create a solution that would fully harness Radix’s advantages.

A Diverse Leadership Team

The four co-founders bring a rich array of skills to the table. Florian, a freelance software developer, specializes in backend and machine learning. He lauds Radix as the singular network fit for global mass adoption and takes pride in Ociswap’s consistency and failsafe design.

Lukas is an online marketer and IT sales expert. Initially captivated by Radix founder Dan Hughes’ Twitch streams, Lukas later co-founded Staatenlos Node, which has become one of the top 15 nodes on the Radix network. He is keen on fulfilling Hughes’ vision for a more inclusive financial ecosystem.

Marco, the team’s entrepreneurial spirit, has founded multiple online marketplaces and is an influential figure in the German Radix community. He envisages Ociswap as a tangible application of his numerous ideas and concepts on the Radix network.

Lastly, Christoph adds governance and legal expertise to the mix. With a bachelor’s degree in Politics and Public Management and extensive experience in taxation and legal matters in crypto, he has been a key player in making Radix accessible to a broader audience.

From Community Members to Ecosystem Innovators

The founders were not content to remain passive members of the Radix community. They have been proactive participants, sharing knowledge and running nodes, but they felt the urge to do more. 

Driven by their collective vision to make digital asset exchanges more efficient, secure, and user-friendly, they set their sights on building Ociswap as a heavyweight contender in the decentralized exchange arena. Their ambition is to compete and eclipse established platforms like Uniswap and Pancake, leveraging Radix’s cutting-edge technology to offer an unparalleled user experience.

Watch the full interview with Ociswap: 

For more information on the project, head to the website, follow the project’s official Twitter account or join the Ociswap Telegram channel or Discord server.

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