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In June 2023, the ‘Runs on Radix‘ initiative emerged, allowing dApps to shine a spotlight on the advantages of building on Radix. This encompasses an upgraded user experience, applications fortified by the Radix Engine, and a scalable network geared for wider implementation. The introduction of ‘Runs on Radix’ garnered a strong endorsement from the Radix developer community, with over 45 projects expressing interest within a month.

Radix Publishing will speak with many participants of the program over the coming few months, providing the Radix community with a comprehensive guide to each project. This week is an overview on Impahla.

Here are some key things you need to know about Impahla: a smart contract based digital asset platform specializing in primary token sales (ICO) and a secondary marketplace for NFTs.


What is Impahla? 

Impahla is a smart contract-based digital asset platform specializing in both Primary Token Sales (including FT and NFT) through auctions and acting as a Secondary Marketplace for NFTs. 

Alongside these fundamental services, Impahla offers supplementary features such as DAO governance tools and escrow services. Moreover, they’re taking it a step further by integrating a lending app based on NFT collateral.

Distinguishing itself from conventional fundraising platforms, Impahla DAO doesn’t merely focus on token sales facilitation. Instead, it aims to create a comprehensive ecosystem, merging the advantages of DeFi with its existing launchpad capabilities. 

It’s important to note that while Impahla won’t function as a traditional launchpad, it will be a radically better way to gain exposure to the Web3 ecosystem.

The Minds Behind Impahla

Impahla stands as a genuine DAO, envisioning a future where the community powers its operations through code. While Impahla’s essence is rooted in community governance, its core foundation was laid by a dedicated team that united in 2021. 

This collective journey emerged organically, fueled by the synergy within the Radix ecosystem. The Impahla core team crystallized as a natural consequence of like-minded individuals converging around the shared tech and vision of Radix. Their collective brainstorming sessions ignited the birth of Impahla, a project poised to make a mark on the DLT landscape.

The heartbeat of Impahla, often referred to as the co-founders team, brings together exceptional talents that drive the project’s innovation, development, and vision:

Matt Croq: The Core Developer

Matt Croq, the cornerstone of Impahla’s core team, boasts an impressive 12-year journey as a seasoned developer. With his adeptness in crafting blueprints and backend development, Matt lends his expertise to shape Impahla’s technical foundation. Beyond Impahla, he holds a senior developer role at a prominent Tier-1 fintech organization.

Eric: The Front End Dynamo

Eric’s role as a front-end developer adds a layer of finesse to Impahla’s user experience. With three years of experience under his belt, Eric’s prowess extends beyond coding. His recent accolade securing third place in the Scrypto Challenge underscores his commitment to excellence.

Jafaroff: Catalyst for Product and Marketing

Jafaroff’s versatility shines as he takes on the dual role of product development and marketing. With a history of 13 years in business and product development within Tier-1 organizations, he’s a driving force within Impahla. 

It was here that he initially crossed paths with Matt Croq and fellow co-founder Rachid, setting the stage for their impactful journey. The serendipity of their encounter led them to meet Miro and Eric through the vibrant Radix Community.

Rachid: Navigating Product Strategy and Business Development

Rachid, leveraging two decades of finance experience as a product manager, enriches Impahla’s strategies. His keen insights contribute to product direction and business expansion, forming a vital piece of Impahla’s puzzle.

Miro: Mobile App Maestro

Miro, a product of the Radix community, joined Impahla two years ago and has been a steadfast member ever since. His proficiency as a mobile app developer is an invaluable asset, poised to propel Impahla’s presence into the mobile sphere.

In sum, the Impahla core team represents a fusion of expertise, passion, and a shared dedication to realizing the potential of Radix. Their diverse skill sets, united by a common vision, are steering Impahla towards a future where community-driven innovation thrives.

Why Impahla Chooses to Build on Radix

When it comes to choosing the right DLT platform to build upon, the decision carries significant implications for a project’s success and longevity. Let’s dive into the reasons why Impahla decided to build on Radix. 

Full Stack Approach and Vision

Impahla’s decision to build on Radix is fortified by the platform’s visionary approach. Radix’s full-stack approach, characterized by building everything from scratch, aligns perfectly with Impahla’s commitment to innovation and robustness. 

The emphasis on security and safety inherent in Radix’s technology bolsters Impahla’s dedication to maintaining a secure user ecosystem. Moreover, Radix’s user experience-focused design ensures that Impahla’s users encounter a seamless and intuitive platform.

Engaged and Knowledgeable Community

The alignment between Impahla and Radix extends to the community ethos. Impahla recognizes the value of an engaged, intelligent, and genuine community, which resonates with Radix’s own community principles. The absence of speculative ‘moon boys’ without a fully launched platform underscores the commitment to meaningful contributions and informed dialogue within both Impahla and Radix communities.

Intuitive and Secure Coding Language

Impahla’s development process is significantly streamlined by Radix’s intuitive and secure Scrypto language. This simplicity enhances Impahla’s ability to create a user-friendly platform that requires minimal effort to use. Leveraging the Radix Engine, Impahla can seamlessly build DeFi applications with native assets, expanding the realm of possibilities within their ecosystem.

The Radix Way of Working: Diligence, Patience, and Technical Excellence

Impahla resonates with Radix’s philosophy, which places a strong emphasis on diligence, patience, and technical excellence. Impahla believes in the ‘product first, hype later’ approach, mirroring Radix’s methodical stance towards development. This shared philosophy ensures that Impahla’s platform is built with precision, prioritizing tangible progress over superficial attention.

Impahla’s decision to build on Radix is a testament to its commitment to innovation, security, and user experience. The shared values of cutting-edge technology, meticulous team approach, engaged community, intuitive Scrypto programming language, and seamless DeFi integration make Radix an ideal platform for Impahla’s journey towards creating a thriving digital asset platform.

The Journey to Creating Impahla 

The Impahla project’s evolution has been a significant journey, progressing from a basic launchpad to a specialized digital asset platform focusing on primary token sales and secondary marketplaces. Presently, their vision expands to combine DeFi tools with launchpad capabilities, positioning Impahla as a decentralized investment banking platform within the Radix ecosystem.

As early adopters of Radix, Impahla developed their Minimum Viable Product (MVP) on Radix Betanet. Their blueprints seamlessly migrated alongside Radix’s advancements, adapting to new test networks released by the Radix team. Throughout this journey, the Impahla team continually refined their approach, incorporating feedback and aligning with the progress made by Radix.

In the initial six weeks of the Babylon launch, Impahla aims to roll out full functionality for NFT primary sales through auctions alongside a secondary marketplace. Following this, they plan to integrate crypto-native fundraising, DAO tools, and escrow services. The ultimate objective is to integrate these tools with DeFi components, forging the path toward a decentralized investment banking future.

Impahla’s mission is audacious yet straightforward: they aim to create a decentralized investment banking platform that frees financing projects from the constraints of traditional finance.

Within Impahla, a team of passionate individuals shares a collective belief: finance can be emancipated from the limitations of centralized inefficiencies. Many team members have backgrounds in traditional finance, and their combined experiences have led them to envision a future where DeFi and smart contracts take center stage.

The Impahla team firmly believes that smart contracts have the potential to replace outdated and cumbersome centralized organizations. Their vision for Impahla is to catalyze this transformative shift, ushering innovative projects and digital assets into their vibrant ecosystem.

Through an embrace of DeFi principles, Impahla seeks to democratize investment opportunities for millions worldwide. Rejecting the idea of capital constraints, they offer an even playing field where everyone can actively partake in financing projects that resonate with their passions and values.

If you’d like to watch the full interview: 

For more information on the project, head to the website, follow the project’s official Twitter account, or join the Impahla Telegram channel.

All information about Impahla was provided by the Impahla team and has not been verified by Radix Publishing, RDX Works, or their associated companies.