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What is Fidenaro?

Fidenaro stands out as a novel social trading platform built on the Radix network, designed to bridge the gap between passive token holders and active traders in the cryptocurrency market.

What is Social Trading? 

Social trading is a way of investing where people can watch and follow the trading habits of experienced traders. This style of investing mixes social media with regular trading, making it more interactive and community-oriented.

Here are the main features of social trading:

Watching Other Traders: Social trading lets users see what other traders are doing in real-time and look at their past performance and strategies on a social trading platform. This helps newer traders learn from those with more experience.

Copy Trading: A big part of social trading is copy trading. This feature allows users to automatically copy the trades of expert traders in their accounts. So, when the expert makes a trade, the same trade happens in the follower’s account too.

Diversification: By copying different traders, followers can mix up their trading styles. These traders might use different strategies or invest in different types of assets and take on various levels of risk.

Easy for Beginners: Social trading makes it easier for beginners to start trading. They can learn and gain experience by following what seasoned traders do.

Up-to-date Information: Users get the latest information on market trends and trading opportunities from the community, offering fresher insights than traditional market reports.

What is Fidenaro’s Approach to Social Trading? 

In Fidenaro, vaults operate much like funds, where cryptocurrency traders can showcase their strategies and performance.

By opening a vault, traders invite other users to see their trading success and methods. Interested investors can then allocate money to follow a particular vault, gaining profits based on the trader’s performance. 

This creates a mutually beneficial setup: traders get access to more capital, and investors benefit from the trader’s expertise without needing deep market knowledge. Fidenaro’s community-focused approach, similar to social trading platforms like Etoro, sets it apart in the DeFi space by emphasizing collaboration and shared success among users.

What is the Roadmap for Fidenaro?

The roadmap of Fidenaro unfolds in three major phases:

Q4, 2023 | Beta Launch – SAPPHIRE: Fidenaro plans to initiate an open beta test phase where users can test the features of the platform. This phase is named SAPPHIRE and invites users to familiarize themselves with the Fidenaro functions and provide feedback for improvements. The beta testing will be conducted using demo money.

Q2, 2024 | Fidenaro Launch – EMERALD: The second phase, EMERALD, is set for Q2, 2024. During this phase, Fidenaro will be officially launched, allowing traders and investors to use the platform with real money and leverage its full capabilities.

2024 | FDN Token Launch – DIAMOND: In the same year, Fidenaro will introduce its token. The launch of the FDN token will provide users the opportunity to invest in Fidenaro and partake in its growth. Additionally, users will have the chance to earn FDN tokens through various activities that support the Fidenaro ecosystem.

Advantages of Fidenaro

Potentially Higher Strike Rate: Fidenaro enables users to copy the trades of accomplished traders, which can increase the likelihood of successful trades through access to expert strategies.

Time Savings: By automating trade replication, Fidenaro reduces the need for extensive individual research and continuous market surveillance.

Robust Security: Fidenaro capitalizes on Radix’s infrastructure to deliver a secure trading environment, safeguarding user assets with state-of-the-art security measures. All transactions and outcomes are secured along the chain and managed by smart contracts. Meaning, that both trader and investor are fully protected. 

Direct Access to Expertise: The platform provides users with immediate access to experienced traders’ insights, enhancing their ability to make informed investment choices and better learning opportunities. 

Why Build on Radix? 

The choice of Radix as the foundational network for Fidenaro was driven by several key advantages that Radix offers over other networks like Ethereum. One of the primary factors was the low transaction costs on Radix, a critical consideration for traders who need to maintain profitability.

Additionally, the simplicity and efficiency in coding and product development on Radix have been highly beneficial, particularly for Fidenaro’s development team. This ease of use and speed in development are crucial, especially for a platform with a small team and limited resources.

Radix is the perfect platform for our concept, as it significantly aids us in providing our users with unique advantages in the world of social trading.

Who is the Team Behind Fidenaro? 

The path to Fidenaro began with Jan and Andreas, who have been deeply immersed in the crypto world for years. Their desire to venture into the Web3 space led them to connect with Tobias and Erik through their personal networks. While Jan and Andreas brought the technical know-how, Tobias and Erik added their business and marketing acumen. After several meetings and brainstorming sessions, they developed a cohesive business concept, which laid the foundation for what Fidenaro is today.

Fidenaro’s journey is fueled by a diverse and passionate team of four core members, each bringing their unique skills and perspectives.

Andreas and Jan: The Technical Pillars

Andreas and Jan form the technical backbone of Fidenaro. They boast years of IT experience gained from working in major companies, coupled with a deep understanding of the crypto market. This duo’s deep technical expertise is a cornerstone in the development and functioning of Fidenaro’s platform, ensuring robustness and innovation in its technical offerings.

Tobias: The Marketing Maestro

Tobias is the driving force behind Fidenaro’s marketing efforts and also manages the platform’s social media presence. His role is crucial in keeping the community informed, engaged, and growing, an aspect that Fidenaro values highly.

Erik: The Business Development Strategist

Erik, with his background in running a digital solutions business for small and medium-sized companies, focuses on the business development and marketing aspects of Fidenaro. His experience in entrepreneurship and understanding of market dynamics play a vital role in steering Fidenaro toward success.

For more information on the project, head to the website, follow the project’s official Twitter account or join the Fidenaro Discord channel.

All information about Fidenaro was provided by the Fidenaro team and has not been verified by Radix Publishing, RDX Works, or their associated companies.