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With the upcoming launch of Babylon, Radix is setting the stage for a new era in decentralized finance. 

This Q&A series will feature projects in the Runs On Radix program, highlighting their impact on the Radix landscape. 

Over the next few months, Radix Publishing will chat with these projects, presenting the Radix community with a comprehensive understanding of each project’s mission and growth. 

Coming up next: CaviarNine – Unlocking the full potential of DeFi by offering seamless access to professional-grade innovative DeFi products.


What is CaviarNine? 

CaviarNine is a pioneering DeFi project on the Radix network, offering advanced financial tools for Web3 enthusiasts, crypto traders, and liquidity providers. Its Babylon C9 suite blends traditional finance with DeFi innovation, providing a powerful yet user-friendly experience. Tackling the issue of DeFi fragmentation, the platform offers efficient trading and diverse liquidity options. CaviarNine sets itself apart with its ongoing commitment to expertise, efficiency, and innovation.

LSU Pool

CaviarNine’s LSU Pool introduces a new dimension to staking in the Radix Ecosystem. It transforms your LSU tokens into active assets that work for you, earning validator yield to maximize your returns. With enhanced earnings, cost-efficiency, simplified liquidity provision, and protection from impermanent loss, the LSU Pool is a game-changer for stakers.

Additionally, instant token swaps and unstaking make it more user-friendly than an average staking provider. This innovative approach not only benefits token holders but also contributes to the overall efficiency of the FLOOP ecosystem by making it a more attractive and competitive platform.

Shape Liquidity 

Shape Liquidity revolutionizes the way liquidity providers interact with the DeFi ecosystem, offering a more tailored and efficient approach compared to traditional Automated Market Makers (AMMs). It serves as a key feature of CaviarNine’s expansive liquidity provision suite, and is seamlessly integrated with the platform’s Aggregator.

Shape Liquidity allows providers to concentrate their capital within specific price ranges, rather than having it spread across the entire price curve. This results in a more focused strategy that aims to boost earnings from active trading zones.

Benefits of Shaped Liquidity

Concentrated Earnings: Providers can focus their liquidity in active trading zones for potentially enhanced rewards.

Intuitive Liquidity Shaping: Both new and experienced liquidity providers can easily define the range and shape of their liquidity, thanks to user-friendly controls.

Tailored Token Exposure: Providers have the freedom to customize their liquidity provision based on the specific tokens they wish to be exposed to.

Dynamic Fees: During periods of market volatility, higher fees are generated, offering a buffer against impermanent loss.

Effortless Compounding: The auto-compounding feature ensures that capital works harder, continuously reinvesting earned fees.

Shape Liquidity provides liquidity providers with unprecedented flexibility and choice, elevating the capabilities of the CaviarNine platform.

Order Book  

Traders are in constant search for tools that offer precision, speed, and efficiency. Catering to these demands, CaviarNine is excited to introduce its cutting-edge on-ledger Order Book, specifically designed to meet these needs.

Precision Meets Efficiency

The CaviarNine Order Book features a carefully crafted limit order system that enables traders to precisely determine their entry and exit points. Coupled with efficient on-ledger order execution, the system ensures that missed trading opportunities become a relic of the past.

Low Fees for Maximum Gains

For traders, success is measured not just by gains but also by the costs incurred to achieve them. CaviarNine’s Order Book allows traders to secure the best possible trading prices while incurring low fees. By minimizing execution costs, the platform heightens the potential for profit, putting users in an advantageous position.

Unmatched Scalability

Scalability remains a formidable challenge in the DeFi space, especially as trading volumes swell and platforms experience unprecedented traffic. CaviarNine’s Order Book is built on smart contracts that offer unparalleled scalability, ensuring seamless execution for users, regardless of market conditions.

Flexible Order Types

Offering a diverse array of order types, the system caters to the unique needs of every trader. Options include market orders—with or without price caps—traditional limit orders, and immediate execution or cancelation on partial fills. This flexibility grants traders the control they seek, making each trading decision as tailored as possible.

Index Pools

In an ambitious step beyond traditional liquidity pools, CaviarNine proudly unveils its Index Pools—innovative Multi-Token Pools that can be customized to suit individual user preferences. The Index Pools feature is part of CaviarNine’s comprehensive liquidity provision offering and is integrated with the platform’s Aggregator.

Unique Features of Index Pools

Diverse Multi-Token Pools: Users gain seamless access to an array of token pools, each with different constituents, weights, and risk profiles. These multi-token pools distribute both risk and rewards across all participating tokens, based on their respective weights, to offer diversified exposure.

Bespoke Liquidity Choices: Whether users resonate with an existing pool or wish to create one tailored to their needs, Index Pools offer high flexibility. Users can simply choose the member tokens and their weights; pools can include anywhere from 2 to 9 different tokens.

Secure XRD Liquidity: CaviarNine’s  Index Pools make adding liquidity both transparent and more secure. Users can participate in pools that align well with their risk tolerance and future market outlook.

Dynamic Fees: In times of market turbulence, Index Pools offer higher fees to liquidity providers, serving as a safeguard against impermanent loss.

The Aggregator 

The CaviarNine Aggregator will be a streamlined interface for accessing all available liquidity on the Radix network. This enhanced platform is set to be a game-changer for traders seeking optimal prices, as it aggregates various sources of liquidity including DEXs and order books.

Unique Features of the Aggregator

Comprehensive Access: Users are able to seamlessly connect to all major trading dApps available on the Radix network, making it a one-stop solution for diverse trading needs.

Intelligent Routing: The system continuously solves for the best trade routes, ensuring you get the most advantageous deals.

Zero-Cost Routing: All CaviarNine sources of liquidity are accessible at zero routing cost, maximizing your trading profits.

Trade Assurance: The Aggregator guarantees that you will receive at least your specified minimum amount for a trade or gracefully revert the transaction.

The primary mission of CaviarNine’s Aggregator is to secure the best possible price for your trades, without any preference given to its own liquidity sources.

The Team Behind CaviarNine

Introducing Oliver and Chris, the visionaries behind CaviarNine. The pair aim to democratize access to cutting-edge DeFi solutions and fully unleash the capabilities of decentralized finance.

Oliver is an alumnus of Imperial College London, boasting both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Mathematics. With 14 years of experience in elite Tier 1 banks, he specialized in derivatives and exotic derivatives trading. His zeal for innovation and risk management led him to collaborate with Chris in establishing their private algo-trading venture, Invariance.

On the other hand, Chris spent an extensive eight years at Cambridge University. He completed his undergraduate in Physics and Theoretical Physics, graduate studies in Computer Science, and a PhD in Physics. He started his currency derivatives trading career and later relocated to Singapore. He oversaw multiple global trading operations as a Managing Director at Barclays Investment Bank.

The Journey to DeFi and Building on Radix

In 2005, Oliver and Chris crossed professional paths for the first time. Their synergistic expertise in top-tier financial institutions made them realize that they had the makings of a formidable team. 

Both shared a hunger for finance and technology, and this passion catalyzed the inception of their DeFi venture, CaviarNine. To Oliver and Chris, the permeation of DeFi into everyday lives is not a question of if but when—much like how the internet has become indispensable globally.

CaviarNine emerged as a synthesis of their accumulated knowledge in traditional finance and trading. Aware of the existing gaps and complexities in the DeFi sector, they aimed to create a more streamlined and unified platform. 

While grounded in conventional financial experience, CaviarNine aspires to be universally accessible, carving out a niche in democratizing DeFi tools.

Their decision to build on Radix was strategic and well-considered. Unlike the cumbersome, risky, and costly nature of dApps on the EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine), Radix offered a refreshing alternative. 

Known for its speed, efficiency, simplicity, safety, and remarkable scalability, Radix became the ideal foundation for CaviarNine. This way, Oliver and Chris could fulfill their vision of offering secure, affordable, and efficient DeFi solutions. 

‘Radix’s unique tech stack has been invaluable to CaviarNine. The asset-oriented design simplifies our approach to digital assets, while atomic transactions ensure reliability for our users. The no-code composability empowers our users to interact easily across dApps. Moreover, the scalability promised by Cerberus aligns with our aim for smooth user experiences. We genuinely appreciate the benefits Radix offers and how it has shaped our DeFi platform.’ – CaviarNine.