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It’s not long until Babylon and the Radix ecosystem continues to flourish pre-smart contracts. And soon, the future of DeFi will be released to the world. But what good are all of these awesome features coming with Babylon if there aren’t any projects to show them off in the wild? 

In this series, you’ll explore the participant projects in the Runs On Radix program, an initiative that allows builders to showcase the Full Stack for DeFi.   

Radix Publishing will be speaking with many of the participants over the coming months, providing the Radix community with a comprehensive guide to each project. 

Here are some key things you need to know about Astrolescent: A DEX Aggregator and Portfolio Tracker on Radix.


What is Astrolescent

Astrolescent isa decentralized exchange aggregator, consolidating liquidity from the leading DEXs on Radix. This aggregation process seamlessly constructs the optimal route, ensuring the best exchange rate for your trade. With features including an aggregator, portfolio tracker, token generation and distribution, and token pricing pages, Astrolescent aims to redefine the way users navigate and engage with the Radix ecosystem.

Empowering Efficient Trading

Astrolescent serves as a dynamic hub for token trading on Radix. The platform’s aggregator plays a pivotal role by consolidating liquidity from diverse sources within the Radix network. This intelligent system employs sophisticated algorithms to optimally maximize the swaps users can get. 

By strategically dividing and distributing trades across various DEXes, Astrolescent aims to get users the most beneficial outcome possible with each transaction, resulting in better execution than swapping on a single DEX alone.

Unveiling the Full Token Spectrum

One of the benefits for Astrolescent’s users is its high token availability. Unlike traditional aggregation platforms that list a limited selection of tokens, Astrolescent wants to display the entirety of the Radix token landscape. Users will no longer need to scour multiple platforms in search of specific tokens. Instead, Astrolescent becomes the single destination for all their trading needs. Whether seeking well-established tokens or exploring emerging projects, users can seamlessly access the entire spectrum of Radix tokens.

Comprehensive Portfolio Insights

Beyond facilitating seamless trades, the dApp’s Portfolio Tracker offers users a holistic overview of their Radix portfolios. From a simple snapshot of tokens across multiple accounts to intricate calculations of liquidity valuation, as well as staked XRD across different validators.

These features empower users with the insights needed to make informed decisions about their holdings.

Deep Insights into the Radix Token Economy

Astrolescent provides users with valuable insights into the pricing dynamics of the Radix token economy. Constantly updating token prices from various liquidity sources, the platform generates pricing charts that comprehensively display price fluctuations across the Radix network. This transparency equips traders with the knowledge needed to understand market trends and make well-timed trading decisions.

By offering an aggregator that optimizes token trades, a Portfolio Tracker for comprehensive portfolio insights, and real-time token pricing information, Astrolescent is poised to provide an important service to the Radix ecosystem. 

The Journey to Building On Radix 

The Astrolescent team’s path to building on Radix is a story of teamwork, smart moves, and seizing opportunities.

Meronym was already part of the DefiPlaza community on Ethereum right from its start two years ago. When they began Astrolescent, they needed a skilled partner. They remembered working with Timan at DefiPlaza and reached out.

Timan had a plan to start an Aggregator on Radix. But when Meronym got in touch, they explored working together and decided to make Astrolescent even better. Soon after, Aiden joined to help the team.

But why Radix? 

Radix’s way of handling native assets caught Meronym and Timan’s attention. They both had this idea of starting an aggregator after Babylon’s launch. The idea became more appealing as more cDEXes showed up about a year ago. Meronym saw an opportunity and quickly launched a centralized aggregator.

The Astrolecent team believes that choosing Radix was a: “no-brainer. It’s great for Defi with its special programming style. Plus, there’s so much room for growth since it’s still relatively new.”

They pride themselves on being able to work out the complex stuff behind the scenes to make their products better than others. And while crypto can be confusing, they’re all about making Astrolescent easy for newbies and pros.

“Mixing clever trading strategies with easy-to-read token info and a portfolio tracker makes Astrolescent super useful. It’s about helping you know what you’ve got, what it’s worth, and when to make moves. That’s what they’re all about—making trading simpler and smarter.”

Introducing the Astrolescent Team

Meronym – The Mathematical Mastermind

Meronym, a Radix OG and skilled electrical engineer, played a pivotal role in establishing  Astrolescent. While initially leading the project, Meronym has gracefully transitioned the day-to-day operations to Timan Rebel. Meronym’s expertise lies in the intricate algorithms powering Astrolescent, and their contribution to the project’s mathematical underpinnings is invaluable.

Timan Rebel – The Seasoned Startup Mentor

Timan Rebel, a seasoned startup founder with over two decades of experience, is the driving force behind Astrolescent’s operations. With a background in software development, Timan founded his first startup at the age of 24 and has since been a prominent figure in mentoring and investing in startups in Amsterdam. 

His proficiency encompasses frontend development, analytics, and online marketing. Notably, he’s recognized within the Radix community for his adeptness at pairing each opportunity with a fitting Taylor Swift gif. Timan’s foray into the world of crypto commenced three years ago, leading him to contribute to projects like Astrolescent and DefiPlaza’s analytics and DAO management, alongside his role as a corporate startup coach.

Aiden – The Community-Focused Project Manager

Aiden, the dedicated project manager, brings a wealth of experience in online marketing and community management to the Astrolescent team. With a strong passion for cultivating online communities, Aiden takes the lead in managing the project’s social channels, ensuring a strong connection between Astrolescent and its audience.

Collectively, this dynamic team harnesses a range of talents to propel Astrolescent forward. With precision in mathematics, entrepreneurial vision, and a commitment to community engagement, the team pushes the boundaries of innovation in the digital realm.

You can watch the full interview below: 

For more information on the project, head to their Website, follow the project’s official Twitter account, or join the Astrolescent Telegram channel.

All information about Astrolescent was provided by the Astrolescent team and has not been verified by Radix Publishing, RDX Works, or their associated companies.