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Grove, a pioneer of decentralized RPC infrastructure, has integrated the POKT Network with Radix, adding Radix to their extensive list of supported protocols. Immediate access to a Radix Core API following a Grove-powered endpoint can be immediately obtained for free here.

Grove is the founder of POKT Network, a DePIN (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure) protocol that coordinates and incentivizes blockchain node operators to provide reliable, performant, and cost-effective data for dApps and other services. 

Their services, along with Microsoft and Tencent are key infrastructure for many industry giants, including Aave, Biconomy and Infura, Ethereum’s biggest enterprise SaaS platform, which is relied on by entities like Coinbase, Metamask, and Uniswap.

What does this integration mean for Radix? 

This collaboration will make it easy for developers to build using Radix Core API via the Grove RPC endpoints. This boosts the Radix ecosystem by simplifying how developers connect to the Radix Network, reducing complexity for developers, and making it easier and more cost-effective to build on Radix. With this integration, developers can focus more on building their applications without the hassle of maintaining their own nodes or RPC infrastructure. 

Grove stands out from other RPC providers for a few reasons.

The first is scale. Grove is built on top of POKT Network, a network of thousands of globally distributed nodes that can support thousands of requests per second without degraded performance.  

The second is in its commitment to decentralization. Unlike many other providers whose RPC nodes are provided by a single centralized entity, Grove leverages POKT, a network that incentives a community of third party node operators to provide those RPC services. Anyone can run a POKT node. Overall, POKT’s decentralized architecture enhances the resilience, availability, and cost effectiveness of its RPC service vs other RPC providers, as nodes compete for price and performance. If one operator suffers an outage, there are many others to take its place. 

The third is a commitment to performance and quality. Developers shouldn’t have to choose between the benefits of decentralization and performance. Grove has built a performance layer on top of POKT Network to ensure developers have consistent and fast results no matter which node serves a request. 

As a result, Grove and POKT are trusted by some of the most preeminent names in DeFi including Aave, Infura, Biconomy and now Radix. 

Grove is providing the following two options to get started: 

What are the key benefits of this integration? 

Expertise in Decentralized Infrastructure: Grove brings specialized knowledge in coordinating blockchain node operations, enhancing reliability and efficiency for Radix developers by removing the hassle of having to maintain their own nodes or RPC infrastructure.

Global Reach and Enhanced Quality: This collaboration expands the Radix ecosystem’s global presence, providing developers with access to a broader and more distributed network of high-quality blockchain RPC nodes.

Flexible Endpoint Options: Users gain the choice between public endpoints for easy access and private endpoints for increased control, including custom allowlisting, detailed logging, and usage insights.

Alignment with Web3 Ethos: Grove’s decentralized, permissionless infrastructure offers geographically redundant access to Radix nodes, embodying the core principles of decentralization in Web3.

Proven Track Record: Grove’s successful history of ensuring reliable services across 40+ decentralized protocols demonstrates their capability to maintain consistent quality in the Radix ecosystem.

About Grove

Grove built their Portal on top of the POKT Network to enable developers to seamlessly interact with blockchain RPC nodes that are permissionless, globally distributed, and deliver high-quality performance. With 17 Grove Gateways and tens of thousands of nodes distributed across the globe, Grove provides geographically redundant access to Radix nodes by leveraging the fundamental Web3 ethos of decentralization.

As the performance layer for permissionless protocols, Grove has spent more than three years tuning their product to ensure reliability across 40+ decentralized protocols. Therefore, this partnership is a significant step towards enhancing interoperability and expanding network integration to have Radix added to the list of supported protocols.

Website: https://www.grove.city
Docs: Starter Guide