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The Radix Foundation is thrilled to announce the appointment of two distinguished individuals as Non-Executive Directors: Lindsey Lim – former Sr. Director at Circle, and Lord Godfrey Cromwell. 

The infusion of new talent into the board brings a breadth of expertise and a robust network essential for navigating the complexities of the financial and Web3 sectors. Their expertise and expansive network in finance, blockchain technology, and policy-making will significantly boost Radix’s efforts in reshaping the financial industry. 

Lindsey and Godfrey represent a powerhouse of overlapping skills and networks that will substantially help Radix succeed in the coming months and years.

Director of Radix Foundation, Piers Ridyard, said, 

I am incredibly excited to welcome Lindsey and Godfrey onto the Radix Foundation Board. Their experience and expertise speak for themselves, but together, they represent a substantial part of the insight, experience, and network necessary to help Radix technology earn its rightful place as a core piece of infrastructure for the world to build upon.

Lindsey Lim

Lindsey is a Director and Head of Insurance Partnerships (North America) at Cover Genius. Cover Genius is a B2B insurtech that protects the customers of digital companies, including Booking Holdings, owner of Booking.com, Intuit, Ryanair, and Turkish Airlines. Cover Genius is also available at Amazon, eBay, and Wayfair. 

Lindsey was previously a Senior Director at Circle Internet Finance (issuer of USDC), where she led financial partnerships. Lindsey and her team managed the USDC Banking and Payment Service Provider (PSP) partners that processed up to $4-6 billion daily for Circle.

Prior to this, Lindsey had a similar role at Calibra, Facebook’s crypto wallet, where she worked closely with Calibra partners and focused on integrating on- and off-ramp providers.

Lindsey also worked at the World Bank Group for over five years, was an Executive Director of the Philippine subsidiary of Swedish Fintech company BIMA MILVIK, and worked at McKinsey and Citibank.

Lindsey brings her substantial expertise in commercial blockchain applications, passion for financial markets, and considerable experience in the non-profit sector to the Radix Foundation, where she joins the board as a Non-Executive Director.

“I chose Radix because its thoughtful and tailored approach to designing for decentralized finance will push the industry forward. By offering a full-stack platform, Radix improves user experience and accessibility. I am very pleased to join at this exciting time in Radix’s development as it is on the crux of becoming a big success.” – Lindsey Lim.

Lord Godfrey Cromwell

Photo By Roger Harris

Lord Godfrey Cromwell is a British peer and member of the House of Lords, sitting as a crossbencher. His role includes sitting on the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Crypto and Digital Assets, AI, Blockchain, and Fair Banking.

Godfrey is an energetic and thoughtful business builder with proven governance experience in developing businesses and not-for-profit organizations.

His career spans founder and board-level roles in charity (UK and international NGOs), commercial sectors (banking/finance/investment), and international business promotion.

Godfrey’s last executive role included working as the Executive Chair of the Banking Competition Remedies Ltd (BCR), whose role and remit was to place £800m of assets across selected fintechs and other finance organizations to enhance competition in UK banking services to SMEs.

Godfrey is highly motivated by fairness in the financial markets. He is convinced of the significant role that technology platforms such as Radix play in helping to ensure transparency, increase competition, and reduce the negative impact that insider trading has played in the banking and finance system to date.

“I am excited to join Radix on its evolutionary growth journey. By putting care for its community first and making it simpler, faster, and more rewarding for developers to engage, I believe Radix is already well-positioned to be transformational as a well thought-out decentralized platform.” – Lord Godfrey.

The Radix Foundation is a not-for-profit entity that aims to increase the adoption and understanding of the Radix public ledger. The board of directors plays a crucial role in defining the governance and guiding the strategic vision of the Radix Foundation. 

They are responsible for helping to set the organization’s mission, vision, and values, ensuring financial accountability, overseeing and supporting the leadership and connected entities, and ensuring the Foundation’s activities align with its stated objectives.