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Ledger users rejoice! The Radix Ledger App is now listed for download under “My Ledger” in Ledger Live for Nano S, Nano S Plus, and Nano X! Putting Ledger Live in developer mode is no longer required to see and download it to your device. 

Ledger, with over 1.5 million users, is one of the industry-leading providers of self-custody hardware wallets in crypto, known for its dedication to self-custody. This recent update opens Radix to an even larger user base of users who want a proven hardware wallet option when using the Radix Wallet. 

In line with Ledger’s protocol for new applications, the Radix Babylon Ledger app was initially launched in “developer mode” while undergoing further testing and auditing. Following a successful audit by Kudelski IoT Security Laboratories, renowned for their 25+ years in digital system security analysis, the Radix Babylon Ledger app has now been fully released. 

Radix Babylon Ledger app users are encouraged to update to this latest version. This latest version of the Radix Babylon Ledger app still works with Ledger Nano S devices, but please note future updates may not. Support for Nano S Plus and Nano X continues.

New users can download Ledger Live at Ledger.com

Check out the guide on using Ledger Nano S, S Plus, or X with the Radix Wallet.

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