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The Radix ecosystem is full of talented developers who are always finding new ways to make the ecosystem more user-friendly and engaging. 

As part of the Scrypto Developer Incentives Program, RDX Works recognizes three outstanding contributors to the ecosystem as the winners of the “Impress the CTO” prize. 

Each person will be awarded $1500 in XRD for contributing to the Radix ecosystem and developing new and valuable tools.

Rewards are attributed to:

‘Radix Billboard’ for their Transaction Manifest Builder

Radix Billboard will receive an award for creating an outstanding Transaction Manifest builder tool that allows users to easily and flexibly create custom instructions to be submitted to the network. Not only does it support relevant manifest instructions, it also supports arbitrary Scrypto blueprint schemas. 

This means that developers can easily instantiate blueprints from existing packages deployed to the network. It provides blueprint names, arguments, and types of these existing packages, further improving the developer experience on Radix.

The tool shows a deep understanding of manifest resource movement semantics, allowing clever ways to support buckets and proofs. Check its repository in Github

Radix Billboard had this to say:

Radix’s Transaction Manifest is its standout feature, offering unparalleled safety and the ability to compose complex transactions efficiently, something that’s notably more cumbersome on platforms like Ethereum. Despite their power, writing these manifests can be challenging and time-consuming, slowing down prototyping and testing.

That’s why we created ‘Instruct’, a visual builder tailored for Radix transaction manifests. Instruct simplifies the process, offering developers and power users the ability to quickly and efficiently create transaction manifests with features like auto-completion and validation. Our goal with Instruct is to streamline the development process, helping to accelerate innovation and contribute to the growth of the Radix ecosystem.”

‘Michelino’ for their Transaction Manifest Builder

Marco Michelino | StakingCoins has created another Transaction Manifest Builder tool. This tool stands out for its nice UI/UX, offering predefined Transaction Manifests and operating efficiently on mainnet. 

It features a variety of functionalities, including adding and withdrawing liquidity from Ociswap, depositing and retrieving LSUs from CaviarNine, redeeming WEFT, and facilitating swaps on Ociswap, DefiPlaza, AlphaDex, and RadixPlanet. It is important to note that this tool is intended for educational purposes and should be used with caution. Check the project’s repository in Github

Acknowledging his valuable contribution Marco Michelino | StakingCoins is being awarded $1,500 in XRD.

Despite having developed various code in the past, I had never tried my hand at DLT development before. Developing on Radix was easy, fast, and fun.

‘HODL6666’ for their Radix Desktop Tool

@hodl6666 on X, also known as atlantis-l on Github, has developed the Radix Desktop Tool, an innovative and user-friendly platform for interacting with the Radix network. 

The Radix Desktop Tool includes multiple functionalities, such as multiple-to-multiple token transfers, single-to-multiple token transfers, multiple-to-single token transfers, manifest execution, package deployment, token creation, account generation, asset checking, history reviewing, entity verification, format conversion, address QR code generation, and XRD faucet in Stokenet. 

The Radix Desktop Tool has a well implemented user interface and user experience, making it straightforward and efficient to use. It includes an easy installation process across MacOS, Linux, and Windows platforms. It’s important to note that the tool requires knowledge of a private key and hence should only be used on Stokenet, with throwaway keys generated using its Account Generate feature, which provides an address that can be verified on the Stokenet Dashboard

In recognition of his contribution and the tool’s alignment with the Developer Incentive Program, @hodl6666 is awarded the $1,500 XRD prize.

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