Monthly Wins: Token Trek, $10M Ecosystem Fund, Radix Foundry Program, and More! | The Radix Blog | Radix DLT

Hello, Radvocates! 

May was a great month for the Radix Community!

Since Token Trek launched, metrics in quite a few areas have gone up, Radix Wallet downloads reached 50,000, an increase of 41% compared to last month. Weekly transaction volume has also increased by 99.96% compared to the week before Token Trek to 77,207 transactions, and over 12,000 users have signed up to Token Trek and completed over 26,000 quests.

Other highlights include the Surrey Academy for Blockchain and Metaverse Applications releasing a research paper that highlights that Radix is superior to other chains like Solana and Ethereum when building a Blockchain-based solution to decarbonizing the visitor economy, a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions. 

Here’s an overview of the past month 👇

Latest Updates

Welcome to Token Trek: Token Trek is an engagement platform powered by the social infrastructure startup dmany; its main goal is to onboard more users into the Radix Ecosystem while increasing on-chain metrics through incentivized DeFi and community engagement quests. $120,000 of XRD incentives will be available for those exploring the Radix Ecosystem, trying dApps, using the wallet, and collecting XP. 

$10M+ Radix Ecosystem Fund: As part of the #Breakout2024 vision for massive ecosystem growth, the Radix Ecosystem Fund is expanding to 250M XRD (over $10M) to further support and empower ambitious founders to build the dApps that will power the next wave of Web3 on Radix. 

The Radix Foundry: The Radix Foundry program aims to incubate dApps in high-potential categories, driving significant growth in users, TVL, and on-chain activity within the Radix ecosystem. Projects participating in Radix Foundry will receive marketing, business, and technical support from RDX Works and up to $250k in funding.

Additional Updates

Scrypto 101 Relaunch: Dive into the updates and elevate your Scrypto 101 experience! Scrypto 101 has had a substantial update and now includes a new escrow challenge, certificates for successful completion, and Scrypto 101 NFTs.   

The Radix Wiki Hackathon: This Hackathon perfectly showcased the Radix community’s collaborative spirit by bringing together a diverse group of developers to innovate using Scrypto. As the Radix community grows, each Hackathon will continue to show that Radix is a superior choice for users and developers. 

Radix: The DeFi Platform with Integrated Identity: The blockchain platform that finally provides the right developer experience, user experience, and scale needed for mainstream-ready digital ownership and digital identity will be the platform the world adopts. In this article, you’ll learn what kinds of identity are needed to break Web3 and DeFi out of the crypto bubble and how Radix provides the right solutions out of the box.

Join Radix at Token2049 Singapore: The last Radix showcase at Token2049, held during the pre-Babylon era, focused on a promising future where Web3 and DeFi were safer, easier to use, and radically different. This year, the focus is on demonstrating that this vision is now a reality. 

Bottlenose Protocol Candidate Released: Exciting times are ahead for the Radix Network with the proposed Bottlenose protocol update released to the node runner community. Take a look at what’s new and learn more about one of the key features—the AccountLocker blueprint—in simple terms.

Blockworks Opinion Piece by Adam Simmons: In this opinion piece, RDX Works CMO Adam Simmons argues that the original vision of Bitcoin as decentralized electronic cash has evolved, highlighting the rise of DeFi and the need for scalable, user-friendly blockchain solutions. Adam emphasizes that for widespread adoption, new layer-1 networks are necessary, as existing solutions like Bitcoin and Ethereum have significant limitations.

Ecosystem Updates: 

Surge’s First Wave Campaign: Surge launched its first wave campaign, locking over 47 million $CAVIAR (~$1 million) within 24 hours. They also integrated ROLA (Radix Off-Ledger Authentication) into their Telegram bot.

SRWA Decentralized Lending Market: Now available on Stokenet.

$WEFT Staking: Went live on Mainnet, marking the beginning of its transition towards becoming a DAO.

Astrolescent’s Trade Volume: Surpassed $3 million in total trade volume since launching on the Babylon Mainnet.

DelphitBets, DogeCube, and WEFT: Collaborated to get listed on Bitstorage.

DeXter Rewards Claim Component: Released an on-ledger Rewards Claim component and UI for use by any Radix project.

RadixPlanet DEX: Announced a liquidity campaign and exceeded 1 million $XRD trade volume since launching on the Babylon Mainnet.

Ociswap Pools: Basic and Precision pools are now displayed on DefiLlama.

Partnerships with SUPRA Labs: RootFinance and SRWA have partnered with SUPRA Labs.

CoinGecko Listings: EARLY and WOWO (Wonderwoman) are now listed on CoinGecko, making it 12 Radix ecosystem tokens listed on the platform.

SingularityX: With the help of the community, SingularityX has added a new “Random NFT” sale feature. Special thanks to @nellygoesliving for RadixDappToolkit integration and @johndoe13377 for the Random NFT Sender script. We love to see teams working together! 

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