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Hello, Radvocates. April was a busy month for the Radix Community! 

Maya Protocol voted to approve the proposed integration with Radix, which will improve cross-chain liquidity. Alchemy Pay also integrated Radix into its platform, further increasing access to XRD worldwide. Plus, the Radix Babylon Ledger App is no longer in Developer mode, making securing your XRD on your Ledger device easier. 

Since Babylon went live, Radix Wallet downloads have surpassed 30,000, and there have been over 1M Transactions on mainnet. Another major update was released for the Radix Wallet: v1.5.0, which brought new features like viewing the USD value of your Radix portfolio and more advanced Transaction History and filters, allowing you to have a more detailed view of your recent transactions. 

Here’s an overview of the past month 👇

Latest Updates

Momentum: Phase 2 and the Dawn of Breakout 2024: Back in November 2023, RDX Works CEO Piers Ridyard outlined the three phases for an Ecosystem launch; to the present day, many of the goals of phase one of his plan are either complete or near completion. It’s now time to explore phase two and what the goals for the next few months will be to achieve it. 

Radix Babylon Ledger App Update: The Radix Ledger App is now listed for download under “My Ledger” in Ledger Live for Nano S, Nano S Plus, and Nano X! Putting Ledger Live in developer mode is no longer required to see and download it to your device. This recent update opens Radix to an even larger user base of users who want a proven hardware wallet option when using the Radix Wallet. 

Bitpanda Spotlight Integration: Bitpanda will integrate Radix into its Spotlight program, which aims to highlight innovative and promising projects within the Web3 space. Bitpanda has over 4 million users across 40 countries, opening Radix up to more avenues for adoption within the Web3 community. 

Additional Updates

Maya Protocol Approve Radix Integration for Improved Cross-Chain Liquidity: The MAYANode operator community recently voted on whether to integrate with Radix, resulting in a successful yes. This signals the Maya Protocol’s intention to pursue an integration, which will help improve cross-chain liquidity. 

Alchemy Pay Integrates Radix: In an effort towards worldwide availability of XRD, Alchemy Pay has integrated Radix. Alchemy Pay makes purchasing XRD straightforward and accessible in 173 countries, supporting over 50 fiat currencies. With Alchemy Pay’s On & Off Ramp solution, users can effortlessly convert fiat currencies to XRD and vice versa.

Milestone Rewards: Celebrating High On-Chain Volumes: The latest round of Milestone Rewards were distributed based on a three-tier system focusing on transaction volume. Projects that exceeded $1M in transaction volume were classified under Tier 1, and each received $5,000. Those in Tier 2, surpassing $30M in transaction volume, were awarded $10,000. Finally, Tier 3 projects, which broke through the $50M transaction volume mark, were rewarded with $15,000.

April 2024: Developer Incentive Awards: Developers are the lifeblood of the Radix Ecosystem. Each month, more developers join the Radix community and build more innovative dApps and tools.  Recognizing the contributions of these Radix Ecosystem members, RDX Works set out to reward the valuable contributions of its developers and the wider community. 

LetsExchange Integrates Radix: XRD is now available for cross-chain swaps on Lets Exchange, which supports over 4500 crypto assets. 

Scrypto Yield Derivatives Challenge: The Scrypto Yield Derivatives challenge is nearing its deadline for submissions! If you want a chance to win $15K in XRD, exclusive NFTs, and a fast-track to a Booster Grant, make sure you submit your project before May 3rd, 3 PM UTC. 

Jersey Finance has teamed up with IFI Global Consulting to release a research report on the Evolution of Virtual Assets and Jersey’s expanding influence, highlighting Radix as a key player!

XRD was listed on Exolix, allowing users to conduct cross-chain swaps with 480+ cryptocurrencies directly on the Exolix platform.

The team at RadixWiki hosted a hackathon in London!

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