Monthly Wins: Joining the idOS Consortium, $14M Liquidity Initiative and More Ecosystem Success | The Radix Blog | Radix DLT

Hello, Radvocates!

It’s been an exciting month again for Radix and the community as Radvocate numbers have grown to over 250,000 on X (Twitter), 36,000 on Telegram, and 27,000 on Discord. Many new folks are getting their Radix Revelation, which is great news! Not only that but Radix Wallet iOS and Android downloads have officially surpassed 80,000. 

Other highlights include the launch of SuperStaking and the recent increase in Token Trek users to 33,208 with over 64,268 quests completed as well as new projects and quests being added daily. 

Here’s an overview of the past month 👇

Latest Updates

Radix Joins idOS Consortium: Radix is joining the idOS Consortium, a decentralized identity network designed for storing and managing access to decentralized identities. Already serving thousands of verified users, the idOS network was created collaboratively by several infrastructure partners and leading ecosystems, including Fractal ID, NEAR, Gnosis, Aleph Zero, Kwil, and others.  

SuperStaking $14M Liquidity Initiative: SuperStaking is a $14 million liquidity initiative designed to significantly boost the liquidity of liquid restaked tokens on the Radix Network. By participating in this campaign, users who deposit and lock their Liquid Stake Units (LSUs) can effectively double their staking rewards for a 6-month lock period. With the first round on CaviarNine fully subscribed, the second round will soon open on Ociswap. 

Radix Foundry Participants: Surge and Trove: The first two participant projects of the Radix Foundry program have been announced: Surge, set to be the first perpetual DEX on Radix, and Trove, an NFT marketplace developing an advanced trading platform for NFTs. 

Additional Updates

Milestone and Fundraising Rewards: Up to $150K: The Milestone Rewards initiative, launched in February 2024 as part of the $1M ecosystem fund, celebrates and rewards the efforts of teams building on Radix and surpassing milestones. This fund has since been expanded to $10M in capital, ready to be deployed to support the growth of the Radix Ecosystem. The fund has distributed over $90,000 to seven Radix projects for impressive TVL growth and high trading volume milestones. 

Building an NFT Warehouse with Scrypto: Scryptonight recently won the “Impress the Team” prize of $1500 in XRD for their Escrow Pool blueprint. This blueprint allows users to instantiate a component they control, deposit resources, and mint “allowance” NFTs to distribute. These allowance NFTs can be handed out to anyone, allowing them to redeem them to withdraw an allowable amount of resources determined by the user. 

The Bottlenose Protocol Update is Live: Key updates include API enhancements for reading component owner roles from Scrypto, and new substates exposing current protocol parameters for greater transparency. The AccessController now features a recovery fee vault, eliminating the need for third-party fee locking during recovery. Additionally, the AccountLocker Native blueprint simplifies account deposit handling. Improvements have also been made to the Account and TransactionProcessor native blueprints, along with multiple optimizations to the Radix Engine. 

Radix Wallet 1.6.0 Update: Radix Wallet v1.6.0 is now available for iOS and Android. It features major updates to the backup system and Radix Connector extension allowing for multiple devices being connected to one PC. For compatibility, update your Radix Connector to v1.4.0. 

Ecosystem Updates

Surge Announces Tokenomics: Surge recently announced its tokenomics breakdown, including details on the governance and utility of the $SRG token. 

Cassie Testnet Reaches Milestone: The Cassandra testnet, worked on by Radix founder Dan Hughes, recently met a massive milestone of 200,000 swaps per second. 

DeXter Hits Trading Volume Milestone: DeXter, the first order book exchange built entirely by community volunteers, surpassed 533,000 XRD weekly trading volume. 

100M $CAVIAR Locked for $SRG: Over 10% of the $CAVIAR supply has been locked towards the first wave of $SRG allocation; this amounts to over 100M $CAVIAR.  

A Conversation on Digital Identity: RDX Works CPO Matthew Hine had an insightful discussion on digital identity with idOS co-founder Julian Leitloff after the announcement that Radix will be joining the idOS Consortium. 

Ociswap Announce sXRD: Ociswap has announced the upcoming launch of their own LSU pool, which will be supported by a new asset called sXRD (Staked XRD). 

DefiPlaza Releases LaunchPlaza: LaunchaPlaza is a new token management tool by DefiPlaza. With LaunchPlaza, users now have access to a token creator, token editor,  burning, and staking. 

Radix Community Council Sponsors Hackathon: The Radix Community Council is sponsoring the European Blockchain Convention and Hackathon, which will have 250+ participants & give devs a great chance to experience the power of Scrypto. Learn more about Radix by visiting them at booth 219 on Sept 25-26. 

Hug Airdrop and HugLabs Release: 6 billion $HUG has been airdropped to the community for participating in PoH (proof-of-hug), currently valued at $180,000 and an ATH value of $738,000. Plus, the Hug team has launched HugLab which is a marketing tool that allows users to HUG their PFP, create memes, or download official HUG content.

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