Join Radix at Token2049 in Singapore | The Radix Blog | Radix DLT

As the crypto industry continues to surge with energy and innovation, the excitement is palpable following the bustling scene at Token2049 Dubai, where over 10,000 attendees and 4000 companies came together to showcase and discuss the future of Web3. 

Soon, this momentum will shift to Token2049 Singapore, where Radix will be ready to show over 15,000 crypto enthusiasts, builders, VCs, and global media why this is the breakout year for Radix.

Singapore is a global hotspot for Web3. It is recognized for its progressive regulatory stance, strategic location, and thriving technological and financial ecosystem, which makes it a magnet for innovation in blockchain and decentralized technologies.

The last Radix showcase at Token2049, held during the pre-Babylon era, focused on a promising future where Web3 and DeFi were safer, easier to use, and radically different. This year, the focus is on demonstrating that this vision is now a reality. 

Here’s what attendees can expect from Radix at Token2049:

As a Gold Sponsor, the Radix logo will be prominently featured on the Token2049 website, in official brochures, on venue signage, and stage during partner introductions. 

RDX Works CEO Piers Ridyard will deliver a 15-minute speech highlighting why Radix is the premier platform for DeFi. Additionally, RDX Works has secured a prime 72 sqm exhibition space to showcase the Radix tech stack and ecosystem, engaging directly with the crypto community throughout the event.

Stay tuned to get the latest updates on the gradient-rich booth.