Job Announcement: Full Stack Developer Position at UNISCI

🔥 Fancy a side hustle as a Scrypto dev on an NFT project? Join the UNISCI team and be part of an exciting journey into the world of Decentralised Ledger Technology and NFTs! 🔥


Are you a skilled and experienced full stack developer with a passion for exploring the possibilities of NFTs? Do you want to work alongside a team of visionaries who share your enthusiasm? Then this opportunity is perfect for you!

Project Overview

Imagine being part of the decision-making process for our NFT project's platform. We value your input and expertise in evaluating different platform options. Your recommendations will shape the future of our project.


Our team is made up of talented individuals, including CALA, our project manager. CALA brings a wealth of knowledge and in managing successful projects. And let's not forget Flok, our talented artist, who adds a touch of creativity to Unisci.

Scope of Work

As our full stack developer, you'll be responsible for designing and implementing both the front-end and back-end components of our platform. From creating an intuitive user interface to integrating blockchain technology and smart contracts, you'll play a crucial role in delivering an exceptional user experience.


We're looking for someone with experience in Rust/Scrypto and a deep understanding of different platform options. Your technical expertise in scalability, security, and community adoption will be invaluable in making informed decisions.

But it doesn't end there! We also want you to showcase your front-end development skills by designing visually appealing interfaces and implementing interactive features. And on the back-end, you'll integrate with cryptocurrency wallets and payment gateways for seamless transactions.


In return for your dedication and contributions, we offer team share options, allowing you to share in the success of our project.

How to Apply

Did we catch your interest and would you like to be the founding engineer, responsible for implementing utility into this NFT project? Submit your proposal via DM to CALA on Telegram at! We can't wait to receive your application and potentially embark on this exciting journey together.

Join the UNISCI NFT project and let's revolutionize the future of digital ownership and creativity.


CALA and the UNISCI Team