HUGe announcement!

Hug Zone

We’ve got a HUGe announcement! 📣 📣📣

HUGbot has been given life by our mad scientist Timan 🧬🤯😱

HUGbot V1 has one purpose and that purpose is enabling our community members to HUG eachother 🫂

You will need to register your wallet with in order to start hugging people. Just dm /start for instructions to get started.

Once you are set up you can start hugging people with a simple command. If I want to hug Adam for instance I would say /hug @Adam_XRD

Both giving and receiving hugs assign you points to earn a potion of a daily PoH allocation for HUGbot. Giving a hug gives one point, but receiving a hug is worth two. We want this to be a tool that is used to share love with people and to reward users for meaningful contributions. Everyday points are tallied and the PoH rewards are divided based on how many points users earned that day.

To prevent people from spamming to game rewards we have limited the amount of HUGs you can give to one per hour. Gaming in any way will not be tolerated and we will freeze rewards and blacklist accounts. This is about fun for everyone and being selfish can ruin other people’s fun.

You can also find a leaderboard at where we will be keeping track of the top huggers and huggees. There could be some special prizes for our HUG champions 👀

We are planning to add additional functionality and utility to HUGbot in the future, but the heart of HUG and HUGbot (giving hugs) is what we wanted to push out first.

Today will just be about testing the bot, and tomorrow our users will start earning rewards.