How can we help you promote your project & validator?

What's up Radix Fam,

The Radix Council has been hard at work, striving to promote Radix projects, validators, and Scrypto developers to enhance your brand awareness within the wider community. Let's dive into some of the exciting ongoing campaigns we have in store for you!

If you're a project owner, don't miss out on this highly recommended promotion opportunity. Every two weeks, the Radix Council shines a spotlight on a specific Radix project. We engage with project leads, asking them pertinent questions, and create a captivating Twitter thread to share with the broader crypto audience. Participants are asked to like and RT the thread follow project's Twitter account to eligible to win a prize that will be given by the project owner.

Just like project of the day this is a campaign that goes out in every two weeks and this campaign is dedicated to promote validators where we ask node runners to answer a couple of questions and create a Twitter thread to share it within the wider audience. Participants are asked to like and RT the thread follow validator's Twitter account to eligible to win a prize that will be given by the validator.

We believe in the power of AMAs as a valuable marketing activity in the crypto space. We connect potential investors and holders with project owners through Twitter posts, encouraging participants to ask questions in the comments. If you receive an answer from the project owner, you'll be rewarded with a prize courtesy of the project itself.

Scrypto Tips is a developer highlight where we introduce various Scrypto developers who are working on their dApps and give their essential Scrypto tips to those who are hesitant to start building on Radix. Each developer will provide different tips and cover a different angle of the magically delicious programming language – Scrypto!

Don't forget to submit your project and validator on so that we can integrate it within our marketing activities. There's a filter on the projects page where all hot and new projects can be filtered.

Whether you're hosting a giveaway or seeking a teammate, the Radix Council's Twitter account is here to amplify your message and attract more attention to your posts. Reach out to us via DM on Twitter or message @denizdenizdenize on Telegram to promote your content.

Our Radix Ecosystem Diagram undergoes regular updates every 1-2 months to showcase our rapidly growing community. Make sure to submit your project to and be a part of this exciting visual representation.

Ecosystem Quizzes are the perfect way to challenge the community to test out their deep knowledge of Radix projects. If you'd like to be highlighted in the next ecosystem quiz drop a message to @denizdenizdenize on Telegram.

This is a campaign that will kickoff with the Babylon launch. Imagine this campaign as a classic wheel of fortune game, where participants spin the wheel, and it stops at a specific Radix project. Participants then answer a series of questions related to that particular project. If they answer correctly, participants instantly receive rewards. If you are a project owner and you want to participate in this campaign please fill this form.

If you'd like to be a part of any of these activities please drop a message to @denizdenizdenize on Telegram.

Stay tuned for more incredible opportunities, and keep shining bright within the Radix community!