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Ding Dong Ding! πŸ””πŸ””πŸ”” Attention Please!

As I promised today, here is the Roadmap, aka Masterplan for FOTON

I've added it to the Gitbook with other Documents and Tutorials so enjoy surfing some other pages as well. (not all pages are done yet)

We've grouped the features in Stages based on their co-dependencies and priority in covering core features. Feel free to comment and suggest some other things in here on Telegram or Discord.

As you can see there some features, even if they are placed in further stages, we already did them half way or more and just need to be hooked up to the frontend or backend.

Even the Native NFT Generator on Layers is made at the Frontend level, but we might add a couple of things to it as we gained some more knowledge since it was finalised its 3rd iteration.

Anyway, enjoy the reading and hear you tomorrow. I'm heading to get some sleep now. We're all like zombies πŸ˜„