Feedback Wanted: Introduction | The Radix Blog | Radix DLT

The RDX Works development team needs your help, builders! And there’s something in it for you too!

Tell me more…

The Babylon upgrade to the Radix Network is approaching and the Radix developer community is about to take a big step forward. You will finally be able to deploy Scrypto blueprints to the Radix mainnet, and start launching real dApps that users can connect their digital assets and identities to with the new Radix Wallet.

Since the earliest version of Scrypto was launched off-network back in December 2021, the RDX Works team has been constantly gathering feedback on what developers like you are building to make sure that core development work is focused on building tools that are going to be as useful as possible. As the Radix community moves into the next phase of Radix together, the RDX Works team wants to go even further to get your feedback on what they build from here.

In the coming months, you’ll see a series of periodic “calls for feedback” that will be submitted to you, the incredible Radix developer community.

When there is something new that’s just been released, is coming soon, or maybe is in the early stages of design thinking, these calls for feedback will give you a juicy opportunity to make sure that your thinking and use cases are front and center as roadmap decisions are made.

How’s this going to work?

Each call for feedback will start with a post here on the Radix developer’s blog explaining the topic at hand. There will be a link to a survey with any specific detail you need to understand, along with some questions to answer. Often the questions will include a request to describe your dApp’s relevant use cases, so the RDX Works team really understands what problems the tools can help you solve.

Once the feedback has been received and there has been some time to process, an update will be posted to the blog with any interesting key findings. 

It is hoped that each time one of these calls for feedback is posted that you’ll jump at the chance. There really is no better way for you to make sure that the needs of your dApp are heard by the RDX Works development team.

Let’s go build Web3 and DeFi the way it should be done – together!