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The topic for this call for feedback is the design of the Allowances feature in Scrypto & the Radix Engine.


In the Radix Engine, proofs serve as a fundamental component for both authorization and authentication. A proof demonstrates that you have access to some resource, such as a badge. A proof may be placed in the “auth zone,” enabling it to be seen for passing authorization checks in a component that you call.

But the proof model presents a few key limitations:

Allowances attempt to address these limitations:

Allowances let something with authority “pre-approve” a limited use of that authority, as long as it happens in that same transaction. They let you say, effectively, “I am hereby granting permission for up to 50 GUM to be minted later in this transaction.”

Even if a badge has the authority to do many different things—mint or burn some resource, access privileged methods on a component, update metadata on another component—allowances let you selectively specify which actions you’re permitting.

The Call for Feedback

While the purpose for allowances is known, there are some open design questions on the mechanical particulars of how they behave.

Here’s a detailed document which describes the options being considered, with an explanation of the tradeoffs between each.  It also has a few explicit questions which we’re curious to hear your answers on.

As the details of the design options are quite nuanced, we’re electing not to use a survey form, but rather open the matter up for discussion in Discord, in the #feedback-allowances channel in the Developers section.

When presenting your view of how allowances should behave, please keep the following in mind:

Even if you don’t have any particular insight to give, please feel free to just ask about use cases or clarify your understanding in the feedback channel.  It will be the ongoing discussion hub for the feature up until it is released.

Allowances design document

Discord channel #feedback-allowances