Breakout2024: “When” = “Now” | The Radix Blog | Radix DLT

Radix has been unrelentingly committed to transforming Web3 and DeFi, creating a technology stack designed to steer the industry away from the complexities, exploits, and hacks that have long hindered its full potential.

With the Babylon Upgrade in 2023 , this technology stack went live, resolving the issues our industry has had to put up with since its inception. How? By simply doing the right thing, not the easy thing

Yes, excellence takes longer and is often the harder path to take, filled with criticisms, sacrifice, and setbacks. However, those who prioritize what is right over what is easy are those who change the world. 

Yet, in pursuing excellence, a single word often echoed in response to the eager queries of ‘When?’ – ‘Soon.’ But as 2024 unfolds before us, ‘Soon‘ has evolved into ‘Now.’

Over the next year, you’ll see exactly the type of momentum and developments you’ve patiently waited for, from new integrations like LayerZero, surges in institutional capital entering the ecosystem, massive user-onboarding campaigns, innovative breakout dApps, record-breaking scalability demonstrations and the big red marketing button being pushed. All of this will give Radix the visibility and recognition it deserves. 

This year, you’ll also see RadFi 2024, which will unveil the future of Radix, building upon the foundations laid at RadFi 2022.

Delivering the Paradigm Shift Web3 Needed

#Breakout2024 symbolizes this seismic shift, marking not just a year of change but the dawn of an era where Radix emerges as the leader it was always meant to be. 

The foundation for Radix to claim its rightful place as a leader in Web3 has been set; the Radix Stack has solidified this assertion of leadership as an undeniable fact, and the Radix community can now be rest assured that their claims to family, friends, and colleagues, of Radix being the future of Web3 and DeFi are about to be proven right. 

To the Radvocates who’ve been with Radix and championing the cause, your faith is about to be rewarded in ways beyond imagination. And to those on the fringe, now is the time to lean in, engage, and immerse yourself in the Radix ecosystem. 

Radvocates, this is your call to action, an invitation to spread the word of Radix and activate revelations.

This pivotal moment is not about acknowledging past endeavors but fiercely focusing on the future. #Breakout2024 isn’t a pat on the back for jobs well done; it’s a battle cry for what lies ahead. It’s Radix declaring that the time for waiting is over, and the era of action is here.

This is not just another year for Radix; it’s the year everything changes. #Breakout2024 is here, and with it, a promise that standing on the sidelines is no longer an option.