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The selection phase of the Babylon Booster Program is complete, marking another stride forward on the path towards a radically better DeFi and Web3 ecosystem. The numerous high-quality submissions from a diverse group of projects and teams underscore the emerging talent pool that exists within the rapidly growing developer community for Radix.

74% of applicants were interviewed by the RDX Works team, illustrating the high caliber of projects that applied. From Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs) to NFT Marketplaces, Web3 Games to Future/Option platforms, and comprehensive Dashboards to real-world use cases – the broad range of projects highlighted that developers are seizing the possibilities that Radix’s technology provides.

Booster Program Participants

The quality of applications certainly made the selection process challenging! However, selected teams, who all demonstrated outstanding potential, have now been contacted to inform them that they are approved for the Booster program.

In keeping with a core principle of Radix – Celebrating Ecosystem Success – the projects participating in the Babylon Booster program will only be named once their Minimum Viable Product (MVP) goes live on the Radix Mainnet. This is the moment they will be able to claim their well-earned $10k XRD grant. To ensure transparency, the list of all projects participating in the Booster program will be disclosed following the program’s completion date.

Although many are keen to know who is selected, sticking with the approach of celebrating success emphasizes Radix’s commitment to ecosystem equality. By only naming the selected projects after they have completed their MVP and the full list after the award period has ended, any perceived differences between projects in the Babylon Booster program and those not selected is minimized, and a level playing field is maintained, encouraging further innovation and adoption within the Radix network.

Babylon Boosters – Boosted!

Due to the rescheduled timing of the Babylon upgrade, all selected teams will receive an additional $5k in XRD at the start of the Babylon Booster program. This gesture of support aims to aid the teams in the extended period until they can bring their dApps live, demonstrating Radix’s commitment to backing its community.

A Growing Ecosystem on Radix

Even after the application window for the Babylon Booster Program closed, there has been a continued surge in developer interest in Radix. New projects and teams, attracted by the unique developer and user experiences only possible on Radix, are joining the Radix ecosystem every day. Although these new projects have unfortunately missed the Booster Program deadlines, they (and all projects) are always welcome to apply for future grants programs. 

In addition to grants, all teams/projects are encouraged to sign up for the ‘Runs on Radix’ campaign and engage with the Ecosystem Success process. These two initiatives will serve as critical promotional pillars for the upcoming Babylon upgrade and will continue to be integral to Radix’s marketing strategy after the upgrade.

The Babylon Booster program has underscored the immense potential within the Radix ecosystem. Seeing the wide range of projects and caliber of the teams has been incredibly inspiring. The future of Radix’s developer ecosystem is not just bright – it’s radiant. Together, the innovative minds behind these projects and Radix’s technology promise a revolution in DeFi and Web3 that Radvocates, and those yet to have their Radix revelation, are going to love.

With the teams selected, the Babylon Booster program has confirmed a strong foundational ecosystem is ready to launch with the Babylon upgrade. So, make sure to stay tuned for more updates on the projects shaping the future of DeFi on Radix. The journey is just beginning.