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Keeping track of taxes often results in stress, frustration, and a lot of time spent making sure you’ve got it right—and that’s without adding Crypto into the mix. Thankfully, it is now much simpler for Radix users, with Blockpit integrating Radix into its Crypto tax software. 

Blockpit, a leading Crypto tax calculation and portfolio tracking company, integrated Radix after a successful community vote. With over 250,000 supported assets and integrations, Blockpit provides dedicated support for the crypto-specific tax frameworks of the USA, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Belgium. If you’re outside of these jurisdictions, Blockpit also offers international tax reports for all other countries. 

What does this mean for Radix users?

Blockpit offers many features to help you easily track and manage your crypto taxes and portfolio. As one of the most extensive portfolio tracking and tax calculator platforms currently on the market, Blockpit has already tracked 1M+ unique assets, processed 500M+ transactions, and generated 1M+ tax reports. 

Take a look at what’s on offer: 

Seamless Sync: Blockpit has integrated with over 250,000 crypto assets and protocols, including NFTs, DeFi, derivatives, and commodities, and allows easy data import through API, Public Keys, or CSV uploads.

Automatic Classification: The platform features auto-labeling and auto-matching for transactions, advanced blockchain protocol recognition, and active handling of transaction fees for comprehensive financial tracking.

Crypto Tax Optimization: Blockpit identifies actionable tax-saving opportunities, fully supports tax-loss harvesting, and offers an overview of unrealized gains and losses.

Crypto Tax Reporting: It supports country-specific regulations, such as HMRC crypto tax rules, offers pre-filled tax forms for selected countries, and includes detailed explanations for tax authorities.

Advanced Insights: Users can access profit & loss analysis, detailed portfolio performance metrics, and strategies for crypto tax optimization.

Data-Driven Decisions: The software offers real-time asset and transaction tracking, historical price feeds, and a comprehensive dashboard for a full financial overview.

Smart Assistance: Blockpit’s platform includes advanced filtering options, automatic transaction categorization, and the ability to merge transactions automatically and manually for thorough data management.

Getting started on Blockpit

There are two ways a Radix user can get started on Blockpit: by adding your wallet address straight into Blockpit or manually uploading a CSV for any Olympia accounts. 

Automated Transaction Synchronization

Setting up automated transaction synchronization couldn’t be easier. To get started, simply add your wallet address to Blockpit. This method provides Blockpit read-only access to your transaction data and ensures an up-to-date transaction history. 

Manual CSV Upload for Olympia

To import any transactions from the Olympia era (before September 28, 2023), you have the option to generate a CSV file of your transactions from the Olympia blockchain explorer and upload it to Blockpit. You can find it under the integration section named Radix Olympia.

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