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Bitpanda Spotlight Welcomes Radix

Bitanda, a leading investment platform based in Austria, has announced the upcoming integration of Radix through its Bitpanda Spotlight program. Bitpanda Spotlight showcases innovative projects, making Radix a notable inclusion, given its potential and alignment with Bitpanda’s stringent selection criteria.

What This Means for Radix Users

Having Bitpanda Spotlight integrate Radix opens significant avenues for Radix by exposing it to a broad audience of over four million users across more than 40 countries in Europe and the Middle East. Through the Spotlight Program, Radix is featured as a promising Layer 1 network, encouraging them to explore the unique capabilities and innovations within the Radix Ecosystem. This integration provides an excellent opportunity to amplify Radix’s presence in a new user base, broaden the community, and affirm the commitment to innovation and regulatory compliance in the Web3 Wild West, and compliments the wider #Breakout2024 activities. 

Benefits for Bitpanda’s BEST Holders

Bitpanda’s BEST (Bitpanda Ecosystem Token) holders have additional opportunities thanks to this integration. BEST holders are eligible to subscribe to $XRD and receive giveaway tokens. This feature not only rewards current Bitpanda users but also attracts new users to engage with both platforms. 

For more details on the benefits for BEST holders, visit the Bitpanda Spotlight page.

About Bitpanda: A Benchmark for Regulatory Compliance

Bitpanda stands out in the cryptocurrency space for its rigorous adherence to regulatory standards. The exchange ensures 100% regulatory compliance with the European Union’s 5th and 6th Anti-Money Laundering Directives, alongside strict adherence to the Austrian Financial Market Authority regulations and the Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2). These frameworks enhance consumer protection, ensure the security of payments, and foster the development of innovative payment services.

Over the past decade, Bitpanda has grown to serve over 4 million users and offers a diverse range of over 3000 assets, including stocks, cryptocurrencies, metals, and more. Its recent partnership with FC Bayern Munich underscores its prominence and influence within the global market.

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