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InfiniteLabs has secured the $15,000 Babylon Booster Grant. 

What is InfiniteLabs?

InfiniteLabs is a pioneering project that merges gaming with the Radix ledger, revolutionising in-game asset ownership. InfiniteLabs is committed to delivering a 3D game featuring an engaging core gameplay loop to ensure player retention. The game will include diverse game modes, offering a range of experiences to cater to different player preferences. Additionally, it will incorporate NFT assets, designed to enrich and elevate the fundamental gameplay experience. 

It targets two primary user groups: those passionate about competitive multiplayer and rich story mode games and creative individuals interested in game creation.

InfiniteLabs was born from a mutual passion for gaming among its founders. They are driven by a belief in Radix’s technology and its potential in the Web3 ecosystem and to explore new experiences within Web3, starting with gaming—a universally relatable domain.

What sets InfiniteLabs’ game apart is its enjoyable gameplay coupled with an easy-to-use UI, fully integrated with Radix. This integration enables players to utilise their NFT assets in the game seamlessly. Scrypto’s simplicity has been instrumental in creating and integrating tokenized assets, allowing InfiniteLabs to focus on enhancing the gameplay and features of their game.

InfiniteLabs distinguishes itself by leveraging Radix’s unique asset-handling capabilities, the design flexibility of fungible and non-fungible tokens, and the mobile wallet’s user experience. This approach provides gamers full control over their in-game assets and broadens how these assets can be used, setting InfiniteLabs apart from its competitors, especially those on Ethereum and other platforms.

Founders of InfiniteLabs: Blake and Ron


Background: Blake brings over five years of tech industry experience, with a strong focus on networking. His academic and professional background in this area provides him with a unique perspective on the capabilities of Web3 networks.

Motivation: His love for gaming, combined with his technical expertise, drives his belief in the potential of Web3 to enhance the security and user experience in gaming. Blake’s passion for both technology and gaming aligns perfectly with Radix’s benefits for the gaming industry.


Background: Coming from a pre-Web3 finance and supply chain background, Ron is an old-school gamer familiar with classics like Magic the Gathering, Runescape, and World of Warcraft.

Motivation: He recognizes the value of tokenizing assets and their practical applications. Ron’s deep-rooted passion for the gaming industry has led him to work with multiple CEXs and Web3 services, aiming to empower creators and communities.

Both founders bring a mix of nostalgia, technical acumen, and a forward-thinking approach to gaming in the Web3 space, making their venture with InfiniteLabs a passionate and personal endeavor.

So, what’s on the horizon? 

InfiniteLabs is forging ahead with an exciting roadmap filled with notable achievements and ambitious plans for the near future. Here’s a glimpse into their journey and what’s next:

Achievements to Date:

Unreal Engine Integration: Successfully connected Unreal Engine to both Olympia and Babylon platforms.

Minting Companions: Achieved the minting of companions on both Olympia and Babylon.

Upcoming Milestones: minting of in-game assets on-ledger, announcement of partnerships and new game modes

Online Matchmaking & Game Modes: Introduction of online matchmaking, PvP (Player vs. Player) mode, and an Adventure mode.

Current Goals:

Tech Demo: Launching the technical demo for users to get a feel of the game mechanics.

Game Development: Focusing on developing enhanced game mechanics and introducing new models through partnerships in the Radix ecosystem.

Beta Testing: Aiming to have the PvP technical demo ready by the end of Q1 2024, and the first level of PvE (Player vs. Environment) by mid-2024.

Future Features: Adventure mode and creator tools.

Gameplay Enhancements: Users can look forward to improved PvP game mechanics and the introduction of a PvE adventure mode.

NFT Integration: The ability to purchase limited edition weapons and gear as NFTs, which will offer improved gaming stats.

In-Game Marketplace: An in-game marketplace is also on the horizon, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

The Radix Advantage: A Founder’s Perspective

Reflecting on the advancements of InfiniteLabs, the team shared: ‘Building on Radix has simplified the Web3 integration process when developing our game. From the groundbreaking feature of the transaction manifest to how simple Scrypto is to learn and use, these two things have allowed us to focus most of our development efforts on the player experience and game features so we can ensure a top quality experience for all of our users.’

For more information on the project, head to the website, follow the project’s official Twitter account, or join the Infinite Labs Telegram channel.

‍All information about Infinite Labs was provided by the InfiniteLabs team and has not been verified by Radix Publishing, RDX Works, or their associated companies.

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