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What is Gable? 

Gable Finance capitalizes on the unique aspects of Radix to provide a dual approach to income generation and financial flexibility.

Gable Finance effectively utilizes the Liquid Stake Unit (LSU) tokens issued when users stake XRD on the Radix network. These LSUs are a key component in Gable’s strategy to generate additional income from lending activities, in addition to the standard XRD staking rewards.

Impressively, Gable Finance has already achieved significant milestones in its operation. Currently, the platform boasts over 300 active users, demonstrating strong community engagement and trust. 

Additionally, there are more than 20 million XRD staked through the platform, indicating a substantial level of participation and investment from its users. Furthermore, Gable Finance has facilitated the borrowing of 1 million XRD, showcasing the platform’s capability and reliability in handling significant transaction volumes.

Gable Finance’s introduction of Flash Loans furthers its innovative stance. These loans allow users to borrow and instantly repay funds within a single transaction. This feature is particularly beneficial for executing rapid financial strategies like arbitrage, enhancing the efficiency of transactions within the Radix network.

Gable Finance’s implementation of Flash Loans on Radix offers distinctive benefits due to Radix’s underlying technology. Flash Loans are a DeFi feature that allows users to borrow funds temporarily without collateral, requiring repayment within the same transaction. The Radix network enhances this functionality with its features:

Efficient Execution: Radix’s high scalability and fast transaction processing make it ideal for the quick execution and settlement required by Flash Loans.

Reduced Costs: The Radix platform’s design aims to minimize transaction costs, making Flash Loans more affordable and accessible.

Secure Framework: Radix offers enhanced security, crucial for the safe execution of complex Flash Loans.

The platform caters to two primary user groups: Suppliers and Borrowers. 

Suppliers stake XRD, receive LSUs, and deposit these into Gable Finance. In return, they earn an NFT representing their position, which entitles them to a portion of the lending fees and staking rewards. 

Borrowers, on the other hand, use Flash Loans for immediate financial transactions and contribute a fee, benefiting both liquidity suppliers and the Gable Finance protocol.

So, What’s on the Horizon?

As Gable Finance grows within the Radix ecosystem, several exciting developments and initiatives are on the horizon. The Gable Finance team is committed to broadening its reach and enhancing user experience. Here’s what users can anticipate:

Increasing Stake Volume: Aiming to reach a 30 million stake on the Gable validator node by the end of February, a target that would significantly enhance the platform’s liquidity and operational scale.

Boosting Flash Loan Usage: To increase the daily usage of Flash Loans to over 20 transactions by the end of Q1, Gable Finance is addressing the challenge of attracting users to this feature. Recognizing that the concept can be daunting, they plan to set up a Flash Loan competition. This initiative aims to make the process more approachable and encourage more users to explore and utilize Flash Loans, thus enhancing the platform’s standing in the DeFi space on Radix.

Decentralizing GAB Token Distribution: Achieving a decentralized distribution of the GAB token is a priority, with the goal of reaching about 1,000 different holders by the end of the airdrop campaign. This strategy aims to ensure widespread participation and ownership, fostering a robust and inclusive platform community.

A Modest Yet Focused Marketing Approach

Currently, Gable Finance operates with a limited marketing budget, focusing predominantly on product development. This approach reflects the team’s commitment to ensuring the platform’s robust, secure, and user-friendly offerings. However, even with a smaller budget, targeted and strategic marketing efforts are underway to effectively reach and engage the intended audience within the Radix community.

Upcoming Features and Improvements

Gable Finance users have much to look forward to, with several key features and improvements in the pipeline:

Airdrop Campaign and Dashboard: A forthcoming airdrop campaign aims to attract more users and increase engagement. It will feature a user-friendly dashboard for tracking airdrop participation and rewards.

Webapp Launch: A new single page webapp is being introduced to make user interactions with Gable Finance smoother and more accessible. This web app will incorporate V1 and future versions of the protocol in a single accessible platform.

Gable V2 Plans: Future development include Gable V2,  introducing stable coin and collateralized lending to the protocol. Additionally, promising enhanced features and improvements tailored to the needs of the DeFi community on Radix based on extensive user-feedback. 

Token Utility and Governance: In parallel with the development of Gable V2, utility and governance will be introduced to the Gable customer token (GAB). Thereby encouraging adopters and token holders to participate in the growth and decision making of the protocol.

The Radix Advantage: A Founder’s Perspective

Gable Finance’s innovative approach in the DeFi space is significantly influenced by the capabilities of the Radix platform. The team at Gable Finance has expressed their enthusiasm for the opportunities enabled by Radix, especially in terms of technical innovation and user experience. They highlight:

At Gable, we thrive on pushing boundaries, and Radix empowers us to do just that. The Radix tech stack provides an unparalleled foundation for realizing your dreams. Its user-friendly features, such as Scrypto and the transaction manifest, redefine ease of use.

For more information on the project, head to the website, follow the project’s official Twitter account, or join the Gable Telegram channel.

‍All information about Gable was provided by the Gable team and has not been verified by Radix Publishing, RDX Works, or their associated companies.

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