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The Babylon Booster Grant has been successfully awarded to Backeum.

What is Backeum? 

Backeum is making significant strides in how content creators monetize their work. It allows creators to offer unique NFT rewards to their supporters, providing a more personalized and financially beneficial alternative to traditional platforms like Spotify or Patreon. 

Targeting various creators, including influencers, YouTubers, artists, and musicians, it offers lower transaction fees and direct connections between creators and audiences. 

Demonstrating its early success, Backeum has already attracted over 60 registered creator profiles and received over 16,000 XRD from enthusiastic backers.

Founded by Simon, a software developer in traditional finance and an active member of the Radix community, Backeum is designed to be community-driven. It’s currently in its beta testing phase, with a focus on refining its dApp based on community feedback​​​​.

Backeum stands out by integrating cryptocurrency and NFTs, offering personalized NFTs as tokens of appreciation from creators to backers. This adds emotional and potential monetary value to each interaction, distinguishing it from platforms that may offer generic rewards​​. The platform’s cost-effectiveness is enhanced by significantly lower transaction fees, thanks to its construction on the Radix network​​.

The platform is more than just a transactional site; it fosters a community-centric approach. It aims to create a diverse and vibrant ecosystem by being open to suggestions from its community, ensuring continual evolution based on user needs and preferences​​. Backeum also prioritizes user experience and privacy, leveraging the Radix Wallet and transaction manifests for a seamless experience, and uses XRD domains to allow users to verify their identity while maintaining anonymity​​​​.

So, what’s on the horizon?

Backeum is expanding its reach beyond the Radix community to encompass content creators, influencers, and celebrities. The platform’s roadmap features new functionalities like a creator-exclusive blog, donation-tiered trophies, and a Kickstarter-style fundraising model with various reward tiers. 

A tiered NFT system will also be introduced to make the experience more interactive and rewarding. Concurrently, Backeum is preparing for EU directives like DAC7 by planning KYC integrations through Instapass for creators reaching specific earning thresholds. Despite the volatile regulatory landscape in crypto, Backeum’s use of Scrypto ensures adaptability to future regulatory requirements.

The Radix Advantage: A Founder’s Perspective

In a recent discussion about Radix, the founder of Backeum shared his experiences and insights. He emphasized the platform’s efficiency and effectiveness for developers, highlighting how Radix stands out in the blockchain space. Here’s what he had to say about building on Radix:

‘Developing Backeum entirely in my free time, alongside a full-time job, was challenging. But, the Radix platform allowed me to focus on bringing my vision to life rather than understanding how to make it work. I’m super proud of what I’ve accomplished with time constraints and excited to continue building Backeum to become the best crowdfunding platform.’

For more information on the project, head to the website, follow the project’s official Twitter account, or join the Backeum Discord.

All information about Backeum as provided by the Backeum team and has not been verified by Radix Publishing, RDX Works, or their associated companies.

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