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Developers and entrepreneurs in the Radix ecosystem will now have the opportunity to receive support from a newly launched 25m XRD ‘Ecosystem Fund.’ This fund is designed to capitalize on 2023’s successes and aims to empower, champion, and accelerate the growth of the Radix builders’ community. 

The Radix Ecosystem Fund will distribute 25m XRD, currently over $1 million, to developers and entrepreneurs in the ecosystem via a range of new activities, rewards, and grants.

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Radix Ecosystem Fund: Supporting Builders from Concept to Unicorn

DApp founders all come from different backgrounds and experience. Some have run successful startups in the past, some have years of professional programming expertise, and some are getting started with tremendous ambition. Therefore, the developer ecosystem team must be ready to support builders from their first lines of Scrypto code until they smash through milestones with their dApps.

From day one, the Radix Ecosystem Fund will gather several activities, rewards, and grants to support developers and entrepreneurs. 

Activities that the Ecosystem Fund may support include: 

Developer incentives – live now!

As part of the developer program, Scrypto developers can receive three types of rewards: 

→ Learn more about developer incentives 

Milestone rewards (launching Q1 2024) 

Milestone rewards will be distributed to teams for their dApp’s achievements in the Radix ecosystem. 

A wide range of milestones may be awarded, so if you’re a builder, make sure to share your updates and achievements via the Ecosystem Success Form.  

Booster grants (launching Q1 2024) 

The Babylon Booster Grants successfully supported 20 teams launching their dApp at the Babylon mainnet upgrade. The teams’ feedback was positive, and the grants enabled various supplementary support, such as co-marketing, Runs on Radix content, and partnership opportunities.

Given the program’s success, the boosters will expand in scope and become an “always on” part of our developer ecosystem support! 

The next iteration of Booster Grants will continue supporting teams during their testing and launch efforts. 

Scrypto challenges (launch TBC) 

Scrypto challenges have been very successful initiatives. They allow developers to practice and improve their Scrypto skills while creating code examples for the Radix community. During the seven first month-long Scrypto challenges, 100+ developers submitted 80+ Scrypto examples. 

Among those are entrepreneurs who learned to program through challenges and went on to win top prizes and build their own dApps (see Radland built by multi-challenge winner Scryptonight or 3rd place winners of the DeFi challenge who went on to build Bobby).

After a short break during the Babylon mainnet upgrade, the Scrypto challenges will return to boost creativity and innovation using existing and upcoming Radix tech.

Radix Grants Program Cohort 2 (launch TBC)

The first Radix Grants Program was key in allowing participants to take their project to the next phase while also creating lasting bonds between founders. Furthermore, the combination of hands-on support and funds the teams received is undoubtedly a proven recipe for success, with participants in the first cohort, such as CaviarNine, Ociswap, and XRD Domains, already being leading dApps in the ecosystem. 

As a highly focused campaign designed to accelerate participants’ success, work is still on-going to build on the success of the first Cohort. Therefore, further details for Cohort 2 of the Radix grants program will be announced later in 2024, stay tuned.

A Bigger Fund for a Bigger 2024

Following the ecosystem’s early growth in 2023, 2024 promises to be a pivotal year for accelerating adoption and innovation within Web3 with Radix technologies. 

With the Radix Ecosystem Fund, over 1m USD of XRD will be distributed to builders, supporting groundbreaking projects and initiatives that advance decentralized technologies. 

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Above is just a flavor of some of the activities the new 25m XRD Radix Ecosystem Fund is intended to support. Over the coming months, these initiatives will continue to grow and evolve just as the Radix Ecosystem does. If you have suggestions for initiatives the Ecosystem Fund should explore, make sure to reach out via Telegram or Discord.