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As part of the #Breakout2024 vision for massive ecosystem growth, the Radix Ecosystem Fund is expanding to 250M XRD (over $10M) to further support and empower ambitious founders to build the dApps that will power the next wave of Web3 on Radix. 

Since launching the first grants program in February last year, over half a million USD has been distributed to builders in the Radix community, initially announced in February as a 25M XRD ($1M+) fund; multiple activities and grants have already been rolled out to nurture developers from their first lines of Scrypto code to achieving massive success with their dApps.  These activities included: 

Introducing the Radix Foundry program: funding up to 250k USD

The Radix Foundry aims to incubate and accelerate dApps in high-potential categories that can drive significant user growth, Total Value Locked (TVL), and on-chain activity within the Radix Ecosystem. These categories include:

Projects participating in Radix Foundry will be able to receive marketing, business, and technical support from RDX Works and up to $250k in funding.

→ Read more about the Radix Foundry Program

Expanding Booster Grants to $160k 

Booster grants are expanding tenfold, from $15k to $160k in available funding, to provide teams with the resources they need to evolve from an idea to a thriving seed-stage startup. The Booster grants cover four consecutive tracks, allowing teams to receive each grant once, totaling up to $160k.*.

  1. MVP Booster – $5,000 in XRD
    This track is for those building a first MVP of their dApp either on Radix Stokenet (testnet) or as a beta version on Radix mainnet.
  2. Launch Booster – now $15,000 in XRD
    Once a team has tested their MVP and claimed the MVP Booster Grant, they can apply for the Launch Booster to launch their product on Babylon mainnet. 
  3. Refine Booster – up to $50,000 in XRD
    Teams can apply for a Refine Booster Grant to improve their dApp and traction in order to prepare to apply for a Growth Booster Grant. This might include improving the UI/UX of your dApp, releasing a new version, adding key features, and launching a new marketing campaign to onboard new users.  This track is optional, meaning teams can apply directly for a Growth Booster Grant if they are ready.
  4. Growth Booster – up to $140,000 in XRD
    The Growth Booster Grant aims to support teams to reach their seed stage. Teams applying to the Growth Booster Grant will pitch to the RDX Works Ecosystem team. Teams need to present a strong plan to reach their growth goal both in terms of product development and business and marketing. They also need to include a detailed budget to support their grant request.

Additionally, teams will be able to apply for additional funding to cover some of the costs of their code audits. 

*The $160k available per project includes all tracks of the Booster grants and previous Radix grants (Babylon Booster grants and the Radix grant program cohort 1). It doesn’t include the Foundry Program or Milestone and Fundraising rewards (see below), which teams can get in addition to the total of $160k distributed via the Booster grants.

Rewarding Accomplishments

Celebrating successes in the Radix ecosystem has been a priority since the Babylon mainnet upgrade. To further support teams, the Milestone rewards announced as part of the initial Ecosystem Fund in February will be expanded, and a new reward will be introduced for projects that successfully raise funds.

Milestone rewards 

A list of upcoming milestones for earning rewards will be published on the Radix Blog regularly, giving projects the opportunity to achieve these milestones and receive one or more of the rewards. 

Fundraising rewards

Projects building on Radix that raise funds will receive a reward of up to 10% of the amount they raised paid in XRD tokens, up to a cap of $50k.

Continuous Developer Support

Developer incentives 

Developer incentives will be continuously distributed to support developers in the Radix community. There are currently three types of rewards for developers:

You can also win $200 in XRD when getting your certificate for the Scrypto 101 course!

Learn more about developer incentives

Ecosystem and developer tooling grants

Builders can now get funding to build tools for developers or other ecosystem projects. This might include APIs, libraries, or other tools that can facilitate the development of new dApps. The application will be reviewed on a rolling basis, and the project will be selected based on the overall demand and potential value that the tool could bring. 

Feel free to apply via the form below. If there are any tools that you would like to see on Radix, please reach out in Telegram or Discord

Referrals: Help grow the Radix Ecosystem and get XRD

Ecosystem expansion thrives on a strong community, and the Radix community’s strength and reach are truly impressive. To reward members who actively attract new projects, applicants to any Radix grants can now mention if they were referred by someone. The referrer can win $500 in XRD for any team selected for a grant that they referred.

Apply for a grant or reward

Don’t wait—apply now! If you’re unsure which grant best fits your project, fill out the application form, and the Ecosystem team will personally guide you to the perfect grant or reward. 

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