2022-04-05 CRYPTOWORLDCON + Party + Community Updates

We’re going to do our updates mostly here on getradix.com so that we can talk about all amazing work that the Radix community is doing, what we from the Council are doing, and soon we also want to start sharing what the Ecosystem is doing as well.


  • There are different teams that are developing Radix mobile wallet including Ideomaker, Xidar, Cerby and RadBag. As you may know RadBag has already released the first mobile wallet. For more details, check out their website radbag.io and join their TG channel!
  • Radix Collection has been growing massively:
    – 1,647 members 😎
    – 60,886 badges sent 🤯
    – 13,919 XRD fees burnt ⚠️💰 (13.3% of total network fees)
    – 19,049 transactions ⚠️🚀 (7.6% of all network transactions)



Thanks to our Italian community members Marco and Socio, an Italian investment fund added $XRD to their “Crypto Future Leaders” portfolio.

Radix was deeply investigated by a Turkish influencer with 11k subscribers, thank you for covering Radix CryptoLab!



The Radix Community Council was at CRYPTOWORLDCON on April 1 and 2. In our opinion, it was an extremely successful event by all accounts, even though we had some minor challenges along the way.

Our objectives were:

1) to introduce Radix to more people and educate them about Radix’s immense potential

2) actually drive new users into the community

3) to meet businesses, projects, contacts and potential collaborations that could create value in the Radix Ecosystem


Point 1: Our booth was set up at the exact point where all the attendees entered the convention area. The Radix Community was the first thing that attendees saw, and our booth was very popular, partly because of the location, but also because we had hired some extremely visible performers who walked on stilts with LED costumes attracting huge amounts of attention.

Point 2: While we wish we could have partnered with more Radix Community projects, we are still learning and testing strategies to determine the best way that we can approach the marketplace. We designed a conversion path where we sent the attendees to a landing page that then directed users to launch ocicatbot, which then guided the attendees to install the RadBag mobile wallet (radbag.io), then to enter the wallet address in the bot, and finally to encourage users to join the telegram communities of Radix DLT, as well as each project partner (Radix Collection, Ociswap, Radical Penguins, Meta Whale Circle, DogeCube, Foton and RadBag Wallet). We were able to get 88 people to set up wallets and join at least one Radix community.

Point 3: With the support we had from the community members who joined us for this event, and even from those who were attending, we were able to speak with several hundred people who attended the event, and we met some interesting attendees and exhibitors. These events are great for Radix and the Community because the people exhibiting are many times potential partners, and we had some productive conversations that hopefully will lead to collaborations. We also met many people that are looking for what protocols they should be paying attention to, and many people who are new to crypto but want to learn more.


Complex conversion path needs to be shortened – This conversion path was ambitious, and we learned a lot from attempting it. tldr; its too complex, and required us to spend about 4-8 minutes with attendees to help them navigate installing a wallet, writing down their seed phrase physically, entering their wallet address, and then joining each community on telegram to get airdrops or entries to win NFTs or the iPads. This is too much to expect someone to do at an event. In the future, we will try something with a lower entry barrier, but that causes more social media amplification. Such as taking a selfie with tagging @buyxrd on Twitter. We will come up with more options that we can test, and more directions we can try.

We will need to work out the mechanics, but the goal here is to find a way to grow the community as much as we can during these events.


We wanted to shoutout to some community projects that made it possible.

  • Thanks Ociswap team for participating, and for letting us use your chatbot, and for handling the airdrops in real time during the event, as well as helping us select the contest winners.
  • Thank you Radix Collection, Ociswap, EliCoin for flying yourselves out to Miami and volunteering your time and energy to support us and the entire community. Your efforts to promote Radix, and to speak with all the attendees that came are greatly appreciated.
  • Thank you DogeCube, Radical Penguins, Meta Whale Circle, and Foton Team for your generosity and willingness to participate in this joint collaboration while we are still figuring out how it should work.
  • Thanks RadBag for being available last minute to help us make this possible with RadBag Wallet.
  • And thank you again EliCoin for stepping up for all of the media interviews that came up.




The Radix Community Council also hosted a private party in association with Miami Hack Week, where we invited people from both inside and outside of the crypto community. It was a great opportunity to network with the Miami tech and crypto scene, and to put the word out that a Radix Community party is a party you cant miss.