Radix Ecosystem Easter Egg Hunt!

Easter egg hunt is coming to Radix ecosystem again! Brought to you by Xidar.io


With +1200 players, last year’s egg hunt was a success . 

The opportunity for players to discover projects through  websites.


Xidar  organises a new Easter hunt this year

and we count on your participation!

Things will be a little bit different: 

1 – Player must have staked at least 1000 XRD during the last 30 days to participate.

2 – Players will have a live dashboard of earned rewards. With a « thanks » button to auto-tweet with your project tagged.

3 – Smaller but more numerous prizes

4 – The partners  will have access to a statistical dashboard of the progress of the live distribution.

5 – Registration can be done directly via the Z3US or XIDAR wallet. Or manually like before.

6 – When egg is open, we will show your logo to promote your project in a better way

7 – An egg can’t pop 2 times in a row on the same page. To motivate people visiting all pages.

We encourage players and partners to participate. The more eggs the merrier!