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End of Round 1 :
Start of Round 2 : 2021-01-29 16h00 CET

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Place Trader name Ethereum address Performance # trades
#1 LeonardoRigolo 0x98102fb9aaa57794e19be0f32c0c60d2b16a5616 0.252 % 1
#2 McLovin 0xe8bf21935d9b1ab205fbbc402e52f948b3c21bf7 0.229 % 1
#3 radixftw 0x61ab51968b80aa0d7152b5ca796456bb73c78339 0.217 % 1
#4 UnityIsTheAnswer 0x5c8d04fef585edc5f0c8aae81a46357a5a2c40a3 -0.303 % 1
#5 calster 0x9d67aa1390319f8f37d7dfc46fd4493ae8f9c1dc -1.194 % 1
#6 Suraj 0x1b347bbf54af05b5252b3f7e600fa7b00c18038c -1.575 % 1
#7 Sicarious 0xe9fa98c24bf44730740f1963cb6267a49a3ad789 -1.585 % 1
#8 Pascal L. 0xafc5e34b04581ca9cf66e8019558f38062a2884a -1.594 % 5
#9 trent 0xa7be39acb8125bcb5a1b372de0ed0a40ecec871a -1.677 % 1
#10 Root 0xdca42c51beb5b1719e0803c13c78e6e845226230 -1.888 % 1
#11 Raider 0xebaf82e87d5b73435855ae9a4d8337bb5bdf45d8 -1.891 % 1

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Quick Start guide

Please read carefully

Pick a wallet

  • Pick a wallet that you only use for the Trading Contest
  • It can be an existing wallet or a new wallet
  • Make sure the wallet is compatible with Uniswap, i.e. a Metamask wallet


Fund your address

  • A minimum of 100 USDC or 1000 eXRD is required on your address to register, there is no upper limit
  • This is your Starting Balance
  • The Starting Balance is recorded once the competition launches, and is tracked until it ends
  • Once the competition is launched and you have registered your address, further deposits won't be counted towards your Initial Balance


Register your address

  • Once you have funded your address you can register for the competition.
  • We strongly advise not to make USDC/eXRD deposits after you registered and the trade competition is running. Doing so can have a negative affect on your recorded trade performance.
  • Learn more on how we track your trade performance


Referral Bonus

  • Once you register your wallet you get a unique referral link
  • Share this link with your network and on social media to get $10 in eXRD for each trader that registers with your link
  • Note: each referred trader has to make 5 trades to be a valid referral


Contest starts

  • Round 1: Jan 15th 4h PM CET
  • Round 2: Jan 29th 4h PM CET


Start trading

  • Join the Radix trader telegram group
  • Once the contest has started you can begin trading
  • The winners are those that generate the highest % increase of their wallet value in USDC (we look at the USDC you hold and the eXRD value in USDC)
  • You can maximize your wallet value either by holding eXRD while its value goes up, or by trading the eXRD/USDC pair


Contest ends

  • Round 1: Jan 25th 4h PM CET
  • Round 2: Feb 08th 4h PM CET

Contest Rules

Please read the full Contest Rules before registering!

About this contest

Welcome to the first of its kind fully decentralised and community-sponsored trading competition!

Conducted on Uniswap, Ethereum's most popular decentralised exchange, participants will remain in full control of their funds throughout the entire competition - making sure everything stays true to DeFi's aims of providing trustless, transparent and secure financial services.

These are also the benefits that Radix, a layer1 protocol for DeFi applications, will deliver at unprecedented scale in Q2 2021. We Radbulls, the Community of Radix, are complementing our marketing push with a unique trading competition that will be fun, rewarding and 100% DeFi in its principles as we build and deliver the future of decentralised finance.

We hope you will both enjoy our trading competition and check out what Radix is all about - at which point, you'll understand just why we are so excited about this project!

Good luck and have fun 😉

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