CryptoWorldCon Day Apr 1

Join our community and win prizes.

How To Enter

1) Make sure you have Telegram Messenger installed

2) Tap the button to launch the contest bot

3) Follow the instructions to get airdrops and enter to win iPads and NFTs

About The Community Partners

DogeCube –

Remember SAMOYED on SOLANA? So 2021. Now welcome DOGECUBE, the three headed guardian of the best DLT protocol ever: RADIX. 8 billions tokens, FIXED supply, already 4000+ members in the RadPack! Join us at 🐶🐶🐶

Radix Collection –

Radix Collection is a decentralized trophy and badge collection game. 1) Be active on the Radix network, 2) Earn badges, 3) Level them up, 4) Battle other players and bosses with your “badge power” to earn crypto rewards and 5) Dominate the RC leaderboard for extra rewards.

OCISwap –

Blazing the way for easy swaps at global scale. Ociswap is the first pairwise decentralized exchange in the special meow-y way that will be launched at the Radix Babylon release. Building exclusively on the infinitely scalable Radix network with drastically reduced risk for hacks and exploits allows us to provide super easy, always fast and safe swaps at near zero cost.

Radical Penguins –

The Radical Penguins colony is the first Penguins and 3D next level NFT art Radix! Radical Penguins claims the glory of being the first 3D NTF and Penguin collection on Radix. Each of the 10,000 unique Penguins in our colony was crafted with love, care and dedication so that they have their own identity, personality and charm. Radical in looks, passion and humor, sometimes peculiar, sometimes lovable, and sometimes outright weird, there is a Penguin for everybody! Established in January 2022 by two childhood friends that came together to create the next level of NFT art on RADIX. One is a world class designer and founder of a New York based creative agency, the other is a technologist with a deep passion for Radix, based in UK

Meta Whale Circle –

The Meta Whale Circle is a collection of 7‘777 individual and handcrafted 4K NFT whales that will be born on the Radix Ledger.

Foton –

FOTON is a next gen Marketplace and SDK for Digital Assets on the Radix ledger focusing on Games, Art and Creator Communities, with many more asset types to follow. The TESSERACT is the first Multiverse and Cross Game collection of NFTs to be launched on the platform, showcasing the superpowers and flexibility of its tech.