Resources & Info

Radix List Community powered directory of Radix projects RadixCharts Sleek visualizations that aggregate available data from different channels to provide a good overview of activity within the Radix ecosystem. See on Radix List Radix Collection Decentralized collectible game exploring the Radix ecosystem See on Radix List Radix read more...




UNISWAP DefiPlaza Swap, earn & stake with up to 65% less costs than UniSwap See on Radix List DogeCubeX The first AMM on Radix Ledger Ociswap First Radix DEX launching at Babylon See on Radix List CaviarSwap First pool-based centralized Automated Market Maker (AMM) on read more...


Radix Desktop Wallet Official desktop wallet Z3US Wallet Wallet browser extension See on Radix List Radix Stream Wallet Mobile Wallet See on Radix List Xidar Wallet Wallet browser extension Mobile Wallet See on Radix List

Community Groups

Radix DLT Official Official Telegram Group Radix DLT Official Discord Official Discord Group MIDNIGHT CLUB [ANN] (RadixDLT) Announcement channel projects on the Radix protocol See on Radix List Know your Node Runner AMA AMA channel for Radix Validators and Delegators See on Radix List Push! - read more...


Adept Build your own decentralized community See on Radix List Bored Clock Club DAO NFT-based DAO on RadixDLT aimed at breeding DeFi-related ideas and developing projects. See on Radix List

Prediction Markets

DELPHIBETS First prediction market exclusively on Radix See on Radix List

Scrypto & Radix Resources

Scrypto Tutorial First Steps to DeFi: A Scrypto Tutorial See on Radix List Official Docs Official Knowledge Base Radix Programmer's Guild (RadGuild) Member-directed community developing core infrastructure for Radix See on Radix List Community Scrypto Examples Scrypto code examples provided by the community See on read more...

Creator Resources

Xidar Easy Token Creator Create your own token See on Radix List Radix Kickstart Token Creation and automated orders for NFT projects on Radix See on Radix List RadLock The first liquidity locking and team vesting tool on Radix Network See on Radix List

Staking & Validators

There are too many validators to list here. You can use these dashboards to find validators and node performance. Radix Exchange Map of community validator nodes See on Radix List Avaunt Staking Stats, news, and links for the Radix ecosystem See on Radix List RadixScan Dashboard, explorer read more...