The Power of Radix PUSH!

Dear Radix Community

Radix PUSH! is our special Telegram channel for people who want to help move the needle for Radix. It currently has 200 members and we know we can do better than that!  Let's get that number up to 500 members now - and we will start to move mountains. How? Look at this!

Generating 10,000 impression with one Radix post for free on Twitter. That's how. How is that possible? Very simple, works every single time:

  1. Find big Social Media account (like Binance, or big influencers)
  2. Catch their post early (few minutes or max 1h after they posted)
  3. Make a good post about Radix (informative text, attach the 1pager or a good content piece that looks good on Twitter, you can use many templates we already used before)
  4. Request a "Push!" in any of the Radix Telegram groups
  5. MOON.

When you hit that sweet spot (big account, early on, good post) you are destined to get very good visibility and eyeballs on it. It's like clockwork. Why? We post something, we all upvote it via Push!, it moves up to the top comments, and all the people who come to see that original post by the big account will see our great looking post too. That's how magic is made. Every day.

Is the game plan clear? Big account, catch it early, make a good post, request a push in any Radix group, Moon. That’s exactly what we’re doing with Radix PUSH!  Once you did all that you'll be able to click on this little symbol next to your tweet and see the statistics:

Crypto is all about communities bro

It's a truism and it sounds nice. What it actually means is to channel the community to drive a company like Radix forward. To really move the needle. And in this case specifically: Channel the community to drive the visibility of Radix to a level where everybody is hearing about Radix several times per day

It's an amazing feeling when you're part of a group that get things done that seemed impossible. We will get it done, in fact we already have gotten it done many times. Our initial aim is to be able to generate 200+ Likes/Comments/Retweets whenever we want to. With your help we will get to the next level and become the most powerful community in crypto.

Radix PUSH! is our special Telegram channel for people who want to help move the needle for Radix. Join Radix PUSH!

Find big accounts early, make a good post, request a Push!, and we Moon it together. Stay tuned, we got some fun plans for this!


Your Radix Team

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