Results of the Radix Creativity Contest Announced!

A total of $10,000 in eXRD will be distributed to these highly creative members of our community! Three weeks ago, the Radix Community announced the Radix Community Creativity Challenge: a contest that would showcase the imagination and talent of our newly-formed community (and in some cases, stretch it to breaking point and occasionally beyond). 

To encourage our members to reach new heights of expression and inspiration, $10,000 of eXRD tokens was earmarked for the best submissions. We’re very pleased to say that the Radix Council has now perused, sifted, sampled and ultimately judged every single one of the 244 unique entries, and can finally announce the winners!


Ahem, guys...

Human nature being what it is, some entrants tried to game the competition votes, rather than relying solely on their creativity. 48 entrants were consequently sent to the dog house and their entries discarded to the Wastebin of Shame, leaving 196 legitimate submissions. 


Tweeto Ergo Sum

The aim of the contest – other than to have fun, of course – was to raise awareness of Radix on Twitter. One of the requirements of the competition was therefore that all entries were tweeted, so that the Twitter-verse – that cultured community of crypto connoisseurs – could see and appreciate them.

Some entries, while really quite impressive in their own right, collected a respectable number of Discord votes but had almost zero likes or retweets on Twitter, thus falling at this critical hurdle. The whole purpose of the competition was to build a viral effect, and regretfully these otherwise awesome entries lacked the requisite ‘R’ number. Twitter engagement was considered as a factor when judging submissions, along with broader virality across our various channels. We know that this might have caused some controversy and upset among certain entrants who have raw creative talent in abundance but lack in the ‘mad social media skillz’ department, and we’re sorry – we liked your style, but furthering Radix’s brand awareness was fundamental to the competition (and will be for future ones).

Without further ado, then, let’s get onto the serious business of announcing...


The winners of the November 2020 Radix Community Creativity Contest

1st Prize: $3,000 in eXRD tokens
@Blazak takes the #1 prize for his creation of the amazing Radix Community Website (!

2nd Price: $2,000 in eXRD tokens
@chi4chris, with the original song: ‘I've got Radix on my mind’

3rd Price: $1,000 in eXRD tokens
@CryptoBeats, with another original song: ‘Radix Saved me’

Winners 4 through 10 (listed in no particular order) all receive $500 in eXRD tokens:


Honorable mentions
After selecting our ten winners, we decided there were some entrants who had been left out. We wanted to recognise their creativity and talent, and close the yawning chasm of guilt that the thought of overlooking them threatened to create in our souls. 

The following entries will therefore also receive $100 in eXRD tokens:


Congratulations to all the winners! To claim your award, please contact @Peachy (Discord ID Peachy#7397) with a wallet address so that he can send you your eXRD! Thanks again to everyone who participated!


Your Radix Team

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