Radix Push 2021: Social Media Goals and Strategy

Dear Radix Community,


It is widely known that Radix not only has the best community, but also the most intelligent, best dressed and most beautiful followers. We wanted to establish these facts first. Today we want to go a bit deeper into our goals and strategy for social media, this is nothing surprising or special, but good to know and to be aware of.



As a future top 5 coin our goals for visibility in social media should also be ambitious. As a first step we should aim to rank high in terms of social media mentions (how often Radix is mentioned) and engagement (how often content is liked, shared and commented on). We had a massive success last week when Radix was the leading crypto project in Social Media. Given this success it is appropriate to target a top 20 position across social media platforms (Twitter, Telegram, 4Chan, Reddit). Of course all projects have the same ambitions, and they should, but we are confident that we can achieve this, especially having demonstrated that we can make it to the top of the charts.




There are different publicly available tools to help us in social media, feel free to check them out and play around with them:



We prefer to keep things in the Radix family, so we will not hire an external agency to represent Radix on social media, although this is very common in our sector. Many projects who don't have organically grown communities work with agencies, which is fine. At Radix all will be done by real Radix enthusiasts, many of whom have been following Radix for years. They will be working together as a team, for some this will be their main job, i.e. social media managers, while others will help out whenever they can. All support is highly appreciated. We believe this is the most credible, respectable and sustainable approach.


Ensuring quality

One of the main downsides of social media is typically the lack of quality content. It is not unusual to find inaccurate comments, even blatant lies unfortunately. This can have many reasons, one of them being a lack of knowledge on the part of the people posting on social media. Given the organic development of the Radix Community, our supporters have known Radix for years and have an advantage when it comes to deep knowledge of the technology, roadmap, strengths and weaknesses of Radix. Also, we are going to be working closely with experts in the Radix team, including Dan and Piers whenever they are available, to make sure that our posts across all social media (Telegram, Reddit, 4Chan, Twitter) are factual. We strongly believe that it is our responsibility to do the best we can to have accurate and factual conversations, and we take this responsibility very seriously. Of course we will also have fun with playful memes, do not worry! 


Closing words

This is going to be a massive year for Radix and the entire sector. Our aim is to continue having constructive dialogues with different communities and to have honest discussions based on facts and truth. We are confident in the Radix technology and will focus on introducing and explaining it to the best of our ability across the cryptoverse. We will do this by joining different communities, making friends and having real conversations with the people who are interested in learning about Radix.


Radix Ecosystem Team

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